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How to get a washboard stomach? or How can I get rid of the FAT around my any body part?


Repeat after me "You can't spot reduce!". Men generally store FAT around their waist, while women generally keep it around their hips. There is no exercise, magical cream (yet), plastic wrap procedure, or anything else other than liposuction, that will remove FAT from a certain area. That's usually the first place it builds up and it's the last place it will depart.

The best way to get and keep a washboard stomach, or shapely hips, is by following a low FAT diet and doing plenty of aerobics. Crunches, or side leg raises, while strengthening and building the muscles, will not make them appear through the layer of FAT between them and the skin. Get rid of the FAT and the abs will should show up and/or the hips will become firm and trim.

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