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How do the experimental percentages affect the food s stats?


The experimental percentage determines where in the range your food actually lands. So if you experiment to 50% in some category, the stats affected by that category will be halfway between the min and max. Experimenting to 66% means it will be 2/3rds of the way. The actual calculation is:

Stat value = StatMin + (StatMax – StatMin) * CategoryPercent / 100

For example, Air Cake's bonus to Dodge (affected by the Nutrition category) ranges from 15 to 25. The range from min to max is 10, so the actual bonus you get will be 15 + 10 * Nutrition% / 100. If you experimented nutrition to 45%, this would be +19.5 to dodge.

The Revamp Food Chart has the stat ranges for the majority of the foods (it's still in the process of being completely filled out). These were determined by basically running the "Min + % * range" equation backwards, so there is some margin of error, especially for foods with narrow min/max ranges.

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