HD (Hard Drive) Question:
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Explain the various form factors in which the hard disks are available?


★ 8 inch: This was one of the first hard disks to be developed, It`s size was same as that of the 8 inch floppy drives.
★ 5.25 inch: Comparatively smaller than 8" this type of drive was first time provided by Segate.
★ 3.5 inch: This is the most common size of the drive that is used these days in personal computers.
★ 2.5 Inch: This type of hard drives is primarily used inside portable devices such as laptops, music players etc.
★ 1.8 Inch: This was a rare size and was primarily intended to be used by audio players and sub notebooks.
★ 1 Inch: This type of drives were developed to house the entire disk inside a CF II Slot.

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