Working Capital Management Interview Preparation Guide
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Working Capital Management frequently Asked Questions in various Working Capital Management job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

43 Working Capital Management Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Norms?

Norms : The committee suggested 15 industries excluding engineering industries. These norms were suggested in following forms:

a. For Raw materials: Consumption in months
b. For Work in Progress: Cost of production in months
c. For Finished Goods: Cost of Sales in months
d. For Receivables: Sales in months

2 :: What are Methods of Borrowings?

It introduced the concept of working capital gap which the excess of current assets over current liabilities other than bank borrowing. They also suggested three progressive methods to decide the maximum limits according to which banks should provide the finance.

3 :: What is Style of Lending?

Is suggested that the cash credit limit should be bifurcated into two components i.e. Minimum level of borrowing required throughout the year should be financed by way of a term loan and the demand cash credit to take care for fluctuating requirements.

4 :: What are Credit Information Systems?

Credit Information Systems : The committee recommended the submission of a quarterly reporting system based on actual ass well as estimations, so that the requirements of working capital may be estimated on the basis of production needs.

5 :: Do you know Follow up, Supervision and Control?

The committee suggested that there should be a proper system of supervision and control.

6 :: Explain Norms for Capital Structure?

The committee did not suggest any right norm for debt equity ratio, the committee opined that if the trend of debt equity ratio is worse than the medians, the banker should persuade the borrowers to strengthen the equity base as early as possible.

7 :: Explain what recommendations of Tandon committee were accepted by RBI according to its notification on 21st Aug 1975?

According to the notification of RBI dated on 21st Aug 1975 accepted the following recommendations of Tandon committee:

1) Norms for Inventories and Receivables

2) Coverage

3) Methods of Borrowing

4) Style of Credit

5) Information System

8 :: What is Hypothecation?

Hypothecation is a mode of security in which bank extends the assistance to the company against the security of movable property. Neither the property nor the possession of the goods hypothecated is transferred to the bank. If the company fails to repay the amount of assistance, in such case the bank has the right to sell the goods hypothecated to realize the outstanding amount of assistance granted by it to the company. A consumer entering into a mortgage agreement is an example of Hypothecation.

9 :: What is Pledge?

Pledge is a mode of security in which bank extends the assistance to the company against the security of movable property. But the possession of the goods is with the bank and the goods pledged are in the custody of the bank. Thus, it becomes the duty of the bank to take care of the goods in the custody. In case the company is unable to repay the amount of assistance, the bank has the right to sell the goods pledged to realize the outstanding amount.

10 :: What is Lien?

Lien is a mode of security in which the bank retains the goods belonging to the company until the debt due to the bank is paid. Lien is of two types: Particular Lien and General Lien. Normally, Bank enjoys general Lien.