Depreciation Interview Preparation Guide
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Depreciation frequently Asked Questions in various Depreciation job Interviews by interviewer. The set of Depreciation interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. Get preparation of Depreciation job interview

18 Depreciation Questions and Answers:

1 :: Does depreciation generate funds for replacement of assets?

Yes, depreciation generate funds for replacement of assets. When depreciation is charged against the asset, a significant portion is taken out of the profits every year during the lifetime of the existing assets, and is retained and accumulated without being distributed to the owners as dividend. Thus at the end of the life of the existing asset, the business will have some funds to replace old asset with the new one.

2 :: How are the fixed assets categorized to calculate the depreciation as per schedule XIV of Companies Act, 1956?

To calculate depreciation as per Schedule XIV of Companies Act, 1956 the fixed assets are categorized as below:

-Buildings-Factory Buildings as well as Administration buildings
-Plant and Machinery
-Computer Installations

3 :: What method of depreciation calculation is used to calculate the tax liability according to Income Tax Act, 1961?

According to Income Tax Act, 1961 Written Down Method of depreciation is used to calculate the tax liability. In this method, depreciation is charged at predetermined rate, which is calculated on the balance of cost of asset less amount of depreciation previously charged. The rate at which the depreciation will be calculated is also specified in the Income Tax Act 1961.

4 :: How is depreciation calculated as per schedule XIV of Companies Act, 1956?

As per Schedule XIV of Companies Act, 1956 the company can calculate the depreciation by using either Straight Line Method or Written Down Value Method. The rate to calculate depreciation is also specified in Schedule XIV. If any addition has been made to any asset during the financial year, depreciation on such an asset will be calculated on pro-rata basis from the date of such addition or upto the date on which such asset has been sold.

5 :: Compare: Depreciation as per Companies Act and Income Tax Act?

Under the Companies Act: Depreciation is computed either using the straight line method or written down value method. In straight line method the amount of depreciation is uniform for all the years where in written down method the amount of depreciation is highest in the first year and gradually decreases in the subsequent years.

Under Income Tax Act: Depreciation is computed using written down value method. Also it is charged on the block of assets and not on individual assets. The block of assets means a group of assets for which the same rate of depreciation is applicable.

6 :: Explain endowment policy method of calculating depreciation?

This method is similar to Sinking Fund method except in this method instead of investing in securities the amount set aside is used to pay premium on an Endowment Policy. And the policy should mature on the date on which the ceases its useful life. This collected money is then used to replace the expired asset.

7 :: What is sinking fund method of calculating depreciation?

It is also known as Depreciation fund method. Under this method a sinking fund or depreciation fund is created. Every year the profit and loss account is debited and fund account is credited with a sum, which is calculated such that the annual sum credited to the fund account which is accumulating throughout the life of the asset will be equal to the sum required to replace the old asset. The main advantage of this method is that it accumulates interest or dividends by regular investment of cash outside the business securities to finance the replacement of the assets, which has become useless. But on the other hand this method has disadvantage also as the burden of profit and loss account goes on increasing as years pass by since the amount spent on repairs and maintenance goes on increasing due to the wear and tear of the asset and the amount of depreciation remains same.

8 :: Explain renewal method to calculate depreciation?

In this method the full cost of the asset is charged as depreciation during the period in which the asset is renewed. No depreciation is charged in between the period. This method can be used if the asset is of small value and is renewed frequently.

9 :: Explain revaluation method to calculate depreciation?

Under this method the fixed assets are valued at the end of each accounting period. The difference between the value at the beginning of the period and the value at the end of the period represents the depreciation value which is charged against the profit and loss account. This method is used in case of assets like loose tools, packages, Farmers’ livestock etc.

Formula for Calculating:

Depreciation = Value of asset at the end – Value of asset at the beginning + Any new purchases

10 :: Explain joint factor rate method of calculating depreciation?

This method is also used to calculate amount of depreciation. In this method the depreciation is provided partly at a fixed rate on time basis and partly at a variable rate on usage basis.