Web Quality Interview Preparation Guide
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Web quality job interview preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of Web Quality frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many Web quality interviews

19 Web Quality Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain what are the things required to host a web quality design?

To host a web quality design the following things are required:

- Registration of the domain that will allow the client to, run their site and other user for easy accessing.

- Hosting it on the web using the web hosting where the data gets stored and modification is done.

- Building the website from the templates that is being selected or the custom made design.

- Selecting the tools to modify the website to, look the same according to the requirements.

- Running it and sharing it to the users for promotion and managing it from one single place.

2 :: Tell me what are the ways in which the web quality can be ensured?

- Web quality can be ensured by using the template to build the website as it will be cost efficient.

- The designing of the template will be at lower cost and it will also be produced faster than other websites.

- High quality website always includes flexibility and scalability so that it can meet the dynamic requirements of the client.

- It reduces the cost of not hiring a person to design the web or market it this can be done easily by you.

- High quality website provides professional look and techniques that can bring lots of customers to your website.

3 :: Do you know what are the tags that ensure web quality?

There are different types of tags used to ensure the quality of the website and web pages created:
- <!DOCTYPE> Element
- This element tag defines the HTML version that is being used and all the web pages made in HTML and XHTML must contain it.

- <title> Element
- This element tag is very important as it describes the content of the web pages and used the browsers to know about the web page.
- The <title> element is written in <head> tag and it is shown in the title bar of the browser.

- <h1> Element
- This element tag is used to represent the heading of the content and it is having the numbers running from 1-6.
- It describes the main heading of the web page and web browser by default displays the element using <h1> element.

4 :: Can you explain what are the standards to keep in mind to ensure the total quality?

The standards that need to be followed to ensure the total web quality is as follows:

HTML standard

- This is used to write the static pages and using this can make the task of writing the web pages are easy.

CSS Standard

- These are standards that need to be kept in mind as it provides an overall look and feel of the website and the content using the styles.

- All the information gets stored using the CSS for the website in a single place and can be managed from there.

- This increases the quality of the website and helps in increasing the readability on many browsers.

Web Validation

- Validators are used to check the program for errors and allow the web pages to meet the web standards.

WAI - The Web Accessibility Initiative

- It increases the accessibility of the web pages to the Internet by providing the technology, guidelines, tools and development.

- The web pages can be written using the WAI guidelines to make it more readable and uses the information to write a compatible web page.

5 :: Explain what does the web quality provide in terms of design?

- Web quality provides the flexibility to design and provide the range of services that can be effective for the website.

- Web quality also define the low costing of the website that is custom made and increases the overall look and feel of it.

- Web quality provides a distinction that will allow the clients to have the best choices available.

- It decreases the time to take to customize it according to the needs of the client and it doesn’t require that much money as well.

- Web quality ensures that the website is going to be very scalable and will add up new features on demand.

6 :: Do you know how does <!Doctype> element help in achieving the web quality?

- <!Doctype> element provides the versioning of the HTML and it uses other characteristics show the parameters in the tag.

- It is important as it provides the information to the web browser about the usage of the language or the type.

- This helps in making the page faster and consistent to render on the web browser.

- This element tag helps in validating the declarations used in it and allows the validation of overall code using the syntax as follows:

<!DOCTYPE html>
HTML 4.01 Strict, Transitional, Frameset


<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Frameset//EN"
XHTML 1.0 Strict, Transitional, Frameset

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Frameset//EN"


7 :: Do you know how does <title> element help in achieving the web quality?

- <title> element describe the content of the web page that is used as it is used as the main function in HTML document.

- The title is not the visible part of the web page and it needs to be included to increase the quality of the web page.

- The title is useful for search engine optimization and it is included in the list of:

search engine
browser's title bar
user's bookmark

- titles with good descriptions are suited for the web sites and it is used when the user searches for the web site.

<title>HTML Tutorial</title>

<title>XML Introduction</title>

8 :: Can you explain why are style sheets important for web page quality?

- Style sheets are used to increase the web page quality by using the tag element like <!Doctype>, <title> and <heading[1-6]> tag elements.

- There are some tags that should not be used if the quality of the web needs to be maintained and they are as follows:

- <font> tag
> Style sheets should be used to set the size, font and color of the text not the <font> tag in HTML.
> This tag will increase the size of the document and it will also take some efforts to modify again and again.

- Use fixed sizes
>Fixed sizes should not be allowed as the relative sizes in this case perform far better and the fixed sizes are not resized by the browser window.

9 :: Do you know why it is important to always use the background color to ensure the web quality?

- Web pages uses different color for the text elements as the pages uses headers and links.

- The web pages use the body text that also uses different colors of background to make it more visible.

- The clients should have the provision to change the default color preferences so that they can do it according to their requirements.

- The background color should be specified to allow the visibility of the text that is also colored using different colors.

- Background color should be used because it attracts the client’s attention and it allows the user to change it to fit the requirements.

10 :: Explain what are the methods used to ensure the web quality?

- There are lots of methods used to ensure the web quality like the use of fonts and colors to make the website readable.

The methods are as follows:

- Use of color contrasts like black text on white background makes the web page easy to read and it will help people with disabilities to view it correctly.

- Use of proper background color and text color can also help in increasing the viewing of the website easy.

- The spacing of the letter should be such that it becomes easy to read and understand.

- The spacing should neither be extra or reduced as this can effect the overall representation of web page.

- The line spacing between the two lines such that the text remain easy to read with the standard spacing.

11 :: Do you know what is the function of WAI?

- WAI stands for Web Quality Accessibility as this provides the way to access the site for those who are disabled or having difficulty in accessing it.

- WAI is used for those users who are having disabilities or bad user conditions of not being able to function properly.

- WAI provides a set of guidelines that allow the web developers to access the material written on the web and modify it to suit different group of people.

- WAI provides the goals that lead to accessibility and it makes the web content more available to the web browsers.

- This provides an environment where different kinds of users can work together to make devices that allow others to access it easily.

12 :: Do you know how can the site be made more accessible?

- WAI provides many options to use the correct font size and placing of the images that allows the site to improve their reputation.

- WAI provides a way to increase the customer satisfaction by providing the tools to promote themselves.

- WAI provides the opportunities to increase the number of users on the website by increasing the usability of the website.

- It allows user to remain on the website for longer period of time and increase the rate of the customers.

- If there are provisions for the people with disabilities to use the website and at the same time it is usable for the people having difficulties.

13 :: Can you explain what are the reasons that image not being displayed?

- The web browser doesn’t display the images due to the low bandwidth provided by the Internet provider.

- There are other reasons also that the images not being displayed and it is as follows:

- The user turned off the displaying of the images from the browser’s settings and then didn’t turn it on.

- The user using the browser that doesn’t support the images so, the display of it can’t be seen.

- The browser doesn’t support the video or images to be displayed and it shows only the text being written.

- Instead of the images the web browser displays the alt attribute that is being written on it.

14 :: Tell me what is the function of Website accessibility audits?

- Website accessibility audits are given by the organization to provide the quality of web.

- The audit is being performed using the testing of the system or identifying the problems associated with the accessibility.

- The methods used to audit the websites are as follows:

- Automated tools are provided to identify the problems in the website and are present in it.

- Technical reviews are taken that involves the web design technologies and provide accessibility to review the selection of the pages.

- Testing is being applied to set the tasks for the users and then survey is taken from the users about the usability of the website.

- Problems of the users are solved by using the testing methods and providing the solutions by interacting with the users.

15 :: Explain what are the provisions through which the web quality is ensured?

- There are traditional publication methods that ensure the web quality by providing provisions to decide.

- This includes the peer review that is being given on the publications of the web sites and according to that the actions are taken.

- The websites submitted are reviewed and published by taking the web quality under considerations.

- The comments are being provided by the users of the use of the websites and the work that is being produced.

- Abuses on the website or other than acceptance from the user allow the websites to be removed from the web quality area.

16 :: Do you know what is the use of Web accessibility?

- Web accessibility provides a way for the people with all the abilities and disabilities in the form of providing easy to access web pages.

- It provides correctly designed web sites that is developed and edited by the users having information that can be accessed.

- It provides all the semantics and meaningful HTML to be written with the images such that users can read it without having difficulties.

- The users can read or write without using any extra tool and understand the content written on the web page.

- The links should be provided such that it is clickable and ensure the user’s comfort in accessing it.

17 :: Can you explain what are the ways in which the pictures can be customized?

- To customize the picture first the picture needs to be taken and the display need to be seen to fit the requirement.

- The picture can be customized by keeping the tools to provide the quality for the web pages and the web sites.

- The page can be made such that it looks interactive on the web and it helps the site to represent the content in a better way.

- The pages made can be posted according to the request and the branded photos or images can be used to on the sites.

- To save the standards and the quality the photos are not very much compressed and designed in such a way that they can be optimized.

18 :: Tell me what is the aim of web accessibility?

- Web accessibility provides a way to the disabled user to view and access the content written on the website easily.

- They have certain aim that needs to be fulfilled to allow user to use the websites and they are as follows:

- Visual: this is one of the major factor that most of the sites doesn’t work due to lack of visuals and the visuals should be for everyone.

- Motor/Mobility: this should be included as the website should be easy to use at same time provide mobility of the content so that user don’t face problem using it.

- Auditory: the site should be audible and viewable as to help individuals with disability to use it.

- Cognitive/Intellectual: the content put on the web site should be mature and should provide development skills.

19 :: Do you know what are the contents provided in the web guidelines?

- Web quality is achieved by using the web guidelines that provide the guidance on building the quality, accessibility and user friendliness.

- The website should be made such that it performs equal for all the users and it should be technically very good.

- The website should not change according to the operating system or the web browsers.

- The website should be easily accessible by the people and the search engines so that people can use it without having any complications.

- The website should be user friendly so that it can be easily managed and provide features that allow users to use.