Dynamic HTML Interview Preparation Guide
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DHTML Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Dynamic HTML, or DHTML, is a collection of technologies used together to create interactive and animated web sites by using a combination of a static markup language such as HTML, a client-side scripting language such as JavaScript, a presentation definition language such as CSS, and the Document Object Model. Learn DHTML or get preparation for the Job of DHTML with the help of this Dynamic HTML Interview Questions with Answers guide

10 DHTML Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is DHTML?

Defination of DHTML according to W3c(World Wide Web Consortium) is:
"Dynamic HTML is a term used by some vendors to describe the combination of HTML, style sheets and scripts that allows documents to be animated."
DHTML stands for Dynamic HTML.DHTML is not an language. Using DHTML we can use DOM, CSS , JavaScript and HTML together.
We use DHTML to make the web pages dynamic and interactive.

2 :: What are the features of DHTML?

Some most important features of DHTML are given below:
► Using DHTML we can change the tags and their properties.
► It is use for Real-time positioning.
► It is used to generate dynamic fonts (Netscape Communicator).
► Used for Data binding (Internet Explorer).

3 :: What is the difference between DHTML and HTML?

Some main difference b/w DHTML(Dynamic HTML) and HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language)are given below.
► Using DHTML we can use JavaScript and style sheets in our HTML page.
► Using DHTML we can insert small animations and dynamic menus into our HTML page.
► If use want that your web page display your DHTML effects(object or word can highlighted, larger,a different color etc) than you have to save your web page with .dhtml extension except .html or .htm .

4 :: How to Handle Events with DHTML?

Event is use to trigger actions in the browser. When client click on the element, associated action will started.Like: an JavaScript will started when client click on element.
Using Event Handler we can do like that,When an event occur it will execute code associated with that element.
In this example header will changes when client clicks.
<h1 onclick="this.innerHTML='abc!'">Click on this text</h1>
We can add a script in the head section and then we call the function from the event handler.
<script type="text/javascript">
function changetext(id)
<h1 onclick="changetext(this)">Click on this text</h1>

5 :: In DHTML what is the difference between FontSize and Font Size?

"FontSize" is a property, "Font Size" is a style in DHTML.

6 :: What is the difference between HTML and DHTML?

html is used to write only static content

Dhtml is used to write dynamic content like using
javascript or vbscript in html to make html page dynamic

html is a error free language where dhtml is not a error
free language

7 :: How DHTML work with JavaScript?

Using JavaScript we can made dynamic HTML content.
We can use document.write() to show dynamic content on your web page.Below I have given you HTML page which made dynamic after using JavaScript.This example will show current date.
<script type="text/javascript">

8 :: What are the attributes that make up a DHTML?

DHTML is called as Dynamic HTML. This is used to increase the interactive ability and the visual effect of the web pages which is loaded in the browser. The main technologies that are used in DHTML are namely:

► JavaScript
► CSS which is also called as Cascading Style Sheet
* DOM also called as Document Object Model

9 :: How FontSize and Font Size is differ in DHTML?

Font size is an attribute that we used in font tag.Where as font-size is an style property.

<font size="5"> use in font tag.
p{font-size:"5"} use in CSS.

10 :: Tell me about technologies that we use in DHTML?

Some technologies that we used in DHTMl are given below:

1.JavaScript: It is an standard of scripting for HTML. Using JavaScript DHTML can control,access and manipulate HTML element.

2.HTML DOM: It is an Document Object Model which is an W3C Standard for HTML.Using HTML DOM is used to define standard to set of objects and to access and manipulate them for HTML.Using HTML DOM, DHTML can access and manipulate HTML elements.

3.HTML Events: It is an part of HTML DOM and used to handle HTML elements.We use DHTML with HTML Events to make web pages those perform action when event occour.

4.CSS: It is an W3C standard style and layout model made only for HTML.
DHTML use JavaScript and DOM to change position and style of HTML elements.