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18 Test Cases Questions and Answers:

1 :: How would you test a cup and or pencil?

for cup
1) check it can properly contain liquid and not leaked.
2) test that its size and shape as per user requirement or

3) test its color as per user requirement or not.
4) test its material as per user requirement.
5) test it with maximum hot/cold and minimum hot/cold

6) check its strength that whether it can be broken easily.
7) check its with heat and cold environment.
8) put it in fron of direct sun light for hours.

2 :: Explain the exactly meaning of test case?

Test case is a detailed procedure that fully test a
features or an aspect of a feature.

It describes how to perform a particular test. you need to
develop a test case for each test listed in the test plan.

A test case includes:

-The purpose of the test.

-Special hardware requirements, such as a modem.

-Special software requirements, such as a tool.

-Specific setup or configuration requirements.

-A description of how to perform the test.

-The expected results or success criteria for the test.

3 :: Explain the format of a Requirement Traceability
Matrix. And how to include this RTM in the requirement document?

Requirements Traceability Matrix
Project Name
Requirements Traceability Matrix
Unique No.
Source of Requirement
Software Reqs. Spec / Functional Req. Doc.
Design Spec.
Program Module
Test Spec.
Test Case(s)
Successful Test Verification
Modification of Requirement

4 :: In a log in page what will be test procedure, test scenario, test description & test steps?

TestCase ID : Tc_ 01

Test Purpose : For All the users logging form Loginwindow.It
consists Username and Password fields

Testprocedure : If User enter valid username with alpha-

Expected Result :Login window access

Actual Result :same

Pass/FailCriteria : Test pass

Remarks :No

If user enter invalid username with symbols like
*,&,./?,valid password

Expect Result : Login window opened

Actual result : Login does\'t access.it displays error msg

Criteria : Test case failed

Remarks : There is error msg displays.like enter valid user name

5 :: What are basic types of test cases?

There are basically two types of test cases:

1. Positive test cases
2. Negative Test cases

-Positive test cases sre meant to test for which the
application is made(functionality or the requirements).
-Negative test cases are meant to test for the which the
application is not made.

6 :: Suppose a job should be executed for every two hours? Write test case for this?

1. verify job should be executed for 2 hours validly executed( time gap we will calculate from previous job) job which was recent from the if not error message

7 :: How to test a stored procedure?

There are two ways to test a stored procedure.

1)Black box testing: The Result Set should be checked if the
desired output is returned by SQL command.

2)Performance Testing: Stored Procedures are created to
avoid compiling it again and again. hence, testing should be
done to check if stored procedures are reducing CPU load and
network traffic.

8 :: Write test cases for this scenario if a job fails it should get restarted again this should happen for three times if it fails again then it should quit?

1) Enter the required data and click the start button if it
fails then it should come out and get restarts and Log=1;

2) Enter the required data and click the start button if it
fails then it should come out and get restarts and Log=1+1;

3) Enter the required data and click the start button if it
fails then it should come out and get restarts and Log=2+1;

4) If log =3 then quit.

otherwise it should allow the user to perform the job.

9 :: Write the testcase for a login page?

Feature Ref No.: Login page
Sub feature No.: N/A
Test_case id: TC_01
Functionality: Login
Steps Description: Enter the valid user name and password
Pre condition: Application must accept the user name and
Input Criteria: username: abc, Password: ***
Expected Result: Login user page should open with all its
Severity: C1: High, C2: Normal, C3: Low
Observed Result: Application user page should open with all
its content
Status: Pass
Remarks: Done

10 :: Why do we need test cases?

This is the very basic requirement to start with the testing phase. We should have the test cases for testing any system. test cases is written based on the scenarios you have to test the system. Test cases gives us the assurance that flows are working fine or not based on the status of the test case. If the status of some test cases are failed meaning some flows are not working fine and there is bug in the system that needs to be fixed. If the status of the test cases are passed meaning flow is working as expected and system is behaving as per the requirement.