Automation Interview Preparation Guide
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Automation related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Automation. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

108 Automation Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Selenium?

Selenium is a robust test automation suite designed in a way to support and encourage automation testing of functional aspects of web-based applications and a wide range of browsers and platforms.

2 :: Tell me does the Selenium have any limitations?

Selenium supports only web based applications testing. So, here are the limitations of it:

☛ Mobile applications cannot be tested using Selenium
☛ Desktop applications cannot be tested using Selenium
☛ Captcha and Bar code readers cannot be tested using Selenium
☛ User should use third-party tools like TestNG or jUnit to write test scripts and generate reports
☛ Programming language knowledge is required to create robust scripts in Selenium WebDriver

3 :: Tell me what is an Absolute XPath?

Absolute XPath is the direct way to find the element. It has a disadvantage. XPath gets failed if there are any changes made in the path of the element. html/body/div[3]/div/div[1]/div/div/div[1]/div/input - Absolute XPath example.

4 :: Explain me what the WebDriver supported Mobile Testing Drivers do you know?

Mobile Testing Drivers supported by the WebDriver are:
☛ AndroidDriver,
☛ IphoneDriver,
☛ OperaMobileDriver.

5 :: Tell us what is the alternate way to click on login button?

submit() method could be used as the alternate way to click on login button, but only if attribute type=submit.

6 :: Tell me can Selenium handle Windows based pop-up?

Windows pop-ups cannot be handled by using Selenium. Because it supports only web application testing.

7 :: Tell us how to perform right click using Selenium WebDriver?

The next Actions class is used to perform right click:

Actions act = new Actions(driver); // where driver is WebDriver type

8 :: Tell us can you write the code to double click an element in Selenium?

Code to double click an element in Selenium:

Actions action = new Actions(driver);
WebElement element=driver.findElement("elementId"));

9 :: Tell me how you can find broken images in a page using Selenium Web driver?

You have to follow the next steps to find broken images in a page using Selenium Web driver:

☛ get XPath and get the all links on the page using the tag name
☛ click on every link on the page
☛ look for 404/500 in the target page title

10 :: Tell us how many exceptions do you know in Selenium WebDriver?

There are 5 different exceptions Selenium WebDriver:

☛ NoAlertPresentException,
☛ NoSuchElementException
☛ NoSuchWindowException
☛ TimeoutException
☛ WebDriverException