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16 Rational TestSuite Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is user defined data type?

user must create the datatype if none of the standard data
types contains the kind of values that user want to supply.
for example user need a database column named COLOR & the
values should be red,blue,green,yellow,etc .
but in predefined datatype there is no such datatype.
so we have to create a user defined data type named color
&have a predefined values RED,BLUE,GREEN.
1)to create user defined data type in rational robot
in Test Manager>>click Tools>>manage data types.
2)click new.
3)Type name(color) & description>>click ok
4)click yes when prompted to enter new data values now.
insert red,green,yellow,blue
5)click save

2 :: What is the planning and creating datapool?

A datapool is a test dataset that supplies data variables
in a test script during playback. Using datapools allows
you to run multiple iterations of a script using different
data each time.

Sub Main
Dim Result As Integer -> Header file

'Initially Recorded: 9/22/01 12:45:07 PM
'Script Name: Classics Place an Order Datapool

Dim x As Integer 'variable for loop
Dim dp As Long 'variable for datapool
Dim quantity, expdate As String 'variables for fields

dp=SQADatapoolOpen("Order CD") -> Open the Data Pool

For x = 1 to 10 -> Start of loop

Call SQADatapoolFetch(dp) ->fetch a row from the data pool

Window SetContext, "Name=frmMain", ""
PushButton Click, "Name=cmdOrder"
'Result = WindowVP
(CompareProperties, "Name=frmOrder", "VP=Object Properties

Window SetContext, "Name=frmOrder", ""
EditBox Click, "Name=txtQuantity", "Coords=84,8"

'Quantity data
Call SQADatapoolValue(dp,1,quantity)
InputKeys "{HOME}+{END}{DELETE}” &quantity
EditBox Click, "Name=txtCreditCard", "Coords=9,6"
InputKeys "{HOME}+{END}{DELETE}1234 1234 1234 1234"
EditBox Click, "Name=txtExpirationDate", "Coords=14,11"

'Expiration date data
Call SQADatapoolValue(dp,2,expdate)
InputKeys "{HOME}+{END}{DELETE}"&expdate

Result = ComboBoxVP
(CompareData, "Name=comboCardType", "VP=Object Data 1")

PushButton Click, "Name=cmdOrder"
Window SetContext, "Name=frmConfirm", ""
PushButton Click, "Name=cmdOK"

Next x
Call SQADatapoolClose(dp)

End Sub

3 :: Explain What kind of problems are solved by Datapools?

Following are the problems that are solved by Datapools :

1. To provide data to the application which accept only unique data in each iteration to avoid already exist error ie. application that receives unique data only as input.
2. To provide data to the applications which deletes data from the database. If data is same and it is deleted in first iteration then it will give no data found error in subsequent iterations.
3. To provide unique data in performance testing so that application performance can be evaluated as per real time scenario.

4 :: How to do data driven testing using Robot?

We can do Data Driven Testing using Datapools...
Create Datapools through Test Manager...
Create Datapool to use variable data during Run time...

5 :: Explain Datapool?

A datapool is a test dataset, a collection of related data
records which supplies realistic data values to the
variables in a test script during test script playback.

You can create data from scratch or import existing data
into a new datapool from another Functional Test datapool,
an IBM Rational TestManager datapool, or a .csv file.

6 :: What is the purpose of comparators in analyzing the results?

we can analyze the pass/fail status of verification points
in Comparators. simply the results will be analyzed. In
comparators actual results are compared with baseline (expected behavior).

7 :: How to analyze results after playback?

test manager opens the result window with appropriate

8 :: For unattended execution which playback options you will use?

Something like this
rtrobo.exe <path to.rec file> /project <path to .project
file> /play /close

9 :: How to test Java Applications and what settings you need to do?

To open java application for testing In robot click Insert>>
in that click Start Java Application..>> give path of java

For Java we have to enable the applications as follows,

!)Run the java Enabler to have it scan your hard drive for
java environment such as web browsers& sun JDK
installations that Robot Supports.The Java Enabler only
enables those environments that are currently installed.

10 :: What is the purpose of break point?

we can use breakpoints to help debug our test scripts. A
breakpoint stops a test run at a specified line in the test
script, or in a specified function. You may want to stop a
test run using a breakpoint in order to:
1.monitor the entries in the Watch List
2.begin stepping through a test script using the Step commands