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Routers frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Routers. These interview questions and answers on Routers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Routers job interview

6 Routers Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain what is Routing Protocol?

Routing protocol specifies how the routers communicate, disseminating the information which enables the routers to be selected between two nodes in a network.

2 :: What is Routing Protocols purposes?

Routing protocol interacts and informs the hardware that is needed to transmit the data between transmitter and the receiver for transmission over network.

3 :: Tell me what is Distance Vector Routing Protocols?

The main goal of Distance Vector Routing Protocols Is to find out the best path for he data packet to reach the destination. Distance here could be the hops. The three different types of Distance Vector routing protocols include:- Routing Information Protocol (RIP v1 and v2) and Interior Gateway Routing Protocol. The protocol is easy to manage however not well scalable.

The Distance Vector protocol initially prepares a Routing table which is shared with other routers. This routing table is shared between routers present in the same network. A new routing table is prepared when some new information is received from some other router. Now, the bad routing paths are removed keeping only the smallest hop paths. This new table is then communicated to other routers.

4 :: Can you explain what is Routing table?

A routing table stores the routes of the various nodes in a network. Nodes can be any electronic device connected to the network. The table is usually stored in a router or the network computer as a database or file. This information helps to fond the best possible path. The routing table has at least 3 fields: the destination network id, cost of the path, next hop or address to send the packet.

5 :: Explain internal routers components?

ROM:- Used to store the routers bootstrap details, operating system software.
Flash memory: - holds the operating systems images. The content is retained when the router is restarted.
RAM: - Used to store the Routing tables, configuration files, caching and buffering details. Content is lost when lost router is switched off or restarted.
NVRAM:- Stores the routers startup config files. Data is non volatile.
Network interfaces to connect router to network.

6 :: Explain external routers components?

Virtual terminals: For accessing routers
Network management stations.