Computer Networks Interview Preparation Guide
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Computer Networking related job interview questions and answers guide. Lean Computer Networks and get preparation for the job of Computer Networking field

210 Computer Networks Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what is SLIP (Serial Line Interface Protocol)?

The need for a data link layer protocol to let IP operate over serial links was identified very early on in the development of TCP/IP. Engineers working on the Internet Protocol needed a way to send IP datagrams over serial connections linking computers together. To solve the problem they created a very simple protocol that would frame IP datagrams for transmission across the serial line. This protocol is called the Serial Line Internet Protocol, or SLIP for short.SLIP performs only one function: framing of data for transmission. It does nothing else

2 :: External Data Representation is a method of encoding data within an RPC message, used to ensure that the data is not system-dependent?

External Data Representation is Encoding of data in upper layer of network.

3 :: Tell me, you can ping servers on the subnet your workstation is on, but not other subnets. What is wrong?

That is a TCP ip rule you can't ping to another subnet why because of if you try to communicate to another machine the machine's TCP/IP protocol suite will check by using AND ing the destination IP. Iif it doesn't mach the subnet it will send that request to the gateway so the responsibility goes to gateway to reach the other network may be the gateway is not configure correctly

4 :: How to Re-cover The crashed files in outlook? What is the Limitation(users) of outlook?

Hiwe can retreive a crashed outlook file with a SCANPST.EXE file.u can find this scanpst executable file in all windows(98,2000,xp) u search this file in ur c:programfilescommon dont worry when ur outlook file crashed and dont try for third party utilities to retrieve ur pst

5 :: Explain the Pros and Cons of layer design?

I know only the advantages of Layered design. We can treat each layer as a problem area. Say for example, data link layer, people can concentrate only on the device driver only, they dont need to worry about the network related meaning how the packet can be routed etc. The only responsiblility of the device driver layer is to grab the packet destined to the local MAC and pass the frame to the network layer. Similary the network layer doesnt need to worry about how the packet is reached to the local machine. Its only responsibility is to check whether the packet belongs to the local machine or to be forwarded. Also build the routing table to forward the packet. This way, each forum can precisely concentrate on one problem/layer.

6 :: Explain what is Ipsec tunneling, how it works?

IP tunneling (IP encapsulation) is a technique to encapsulate IP datagram within IP datagrams, which allows datagrams destined for one IP address to be wrapped and redirected to another IP address. IP encapsulation is now commonly used in Extranet, Mobile-IP, IP-Multicast, tunneled host or network.

8 :: Tell me why should we care about the OSI Reference Model?

It is very important model for networking:

The main aim to design the OSI model is that actully they want to set a standerd for the communication and want to standarized the network equipement so that they would not be any Brand consuines

9 :: What is ERD(Emergency Repair Disk)?

Emergency Repair Disk, an ERD is a diskette that creates backups of important system files and settings and is used to help troubleshootand fix issues for Microsoft WINNT and WIN 2000. The ERD is used in conjunction with the Windows repair option and you will be prompted for the diskette when needed. Note: The ERD is not to be confused with a standard boot diskette as it cannot be used alone. The ERD is capable of performing such checks as:1. Verifying the boot sector is not corrupt. 2. Repairing any startup files. 3. Locate any missing or damaged system files.

10 :: Explain what is the main purpose for creating this OSI Reference Model? Why it is a layered model?

Osi reference model consisting of 7 layers hepls the data to be moved in more optimal from source to the destination.And here the protocols are better hidden so the furhter enhancement can be done easily.This reference model can be used for both connection oriented and connectionless service.