Cable Tester Interview Preparation Guide
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Cable Tester Frequently Asked Questions in various Cable Tester job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

60 Cable Tester Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you know what is OSI reference model?

Open System Interconnection, the name itself suggest that it is a reference model which defines how applications can communicate with each other over a networking system.

It also helps to understand the relationship between networks and defines the process of communication in a network.

2 :: What is network Interface Layer?

It is the lowest layer of TCP/IP model. It transfers the packets between different hosts. It includes encapsulation of IP packets into frames, mapping IP addresses to physical hardware devices etc.

3 :: Do you know what is NIC?

NIC stands for Network Interface Card. It is also known as Network Adapter or Ethernet Card. It is in the form of add-in card and is installed in a computer so that the computer can be connected to a network.

Each NIC has a MAC address which helps in identifying the computer on a network.

4 :: What is extranet VPN?

Using shared infrastructure over an intranet, suppliers, customers, and partners are connected using dedicated connections.

5 :: Explain me the layers of OSI model?

OSI model stands for Open System Interconnection It is a framework which guides the applications how they can communicate in a network.

OSI model has seven layers. They are listed below,

☛ Physical Layer (Deals with transmission and reception of unstructured data through a physical medium)
☛ Data Link Layer (Helps in transferring error-free data frames between nodes)
☛ Network Layer (Decides the physical path that should be taken by the data as per the network conditions)
☛ Transport Layer (Ensures that the messages are delivered in sequence and without any loss or duplication)
☛ Session Layer (Helps in establishing a session between processes of different stations)
☛ Presentation Layer (Formats the data as per the need and presents the same to Application layer)
☛ Application Layer (Serves as the mediator between Users and processes of ap

6 :: What is link?

The physical medium or the communication path through which the devices are connected in a network is called as a Link.

7 :: Tell me what is simplex?

Data transferring which takes place only in one direction is called Simplex. In Simplex mode, the data gets transferred either from sender to receiver or from receiver to sender.

Eg: Radio signal, the print signal given from computer to printer etc.

8 :: Tell me what is ring Topology?

In Ring Topology, each device of the network is connected to two other devices on either side which in turn forms a loop. Data or Signal in ring topology flow only in a single direction from one device to another and reaches the destination node.

The advantage of ring topology is that it can be installed easily. Adding or deleting devices to the network is also easy. The main disadvantage of ring topology is the data flows only in one direction. And a break at a node in the network can affect the whole network.

9 :: Tell me how can a network be certified as an effective network? What are the factors affecting them?

A network can be certified as an effective network based on below-mentioned points,

☛ Performance: A network’s performance is based on its transmitted time and response time. The factors affecting the performance of a network are hardware, software, transmission medium types and the number of users using the network.
☛ Reliability: Reliability is nothing but measuring the probability of failures occurred in a network and the time taken by it to recover from it. The factors affecting the same are the frequency of failure and recovery time from failure.
☛ Security: Protecting the data from viruses and unauthorized users. The factors affecting the security are viruses and users who do not have permission to access the network.

10 :: Tell us how well do you handle ambiguity?

Test cases are not always straight-forward and QA Engineers will need to act on their personal judgement. They need to feel comfortable with ambiguity.