Microsoft Access Developer Interview Preparation Guide
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Microsoft Access Developer related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Microsoft Access Developer. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

51 Microsoft Access Developer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell us what property does every object in MS Access have?

The name property. I use this property to determine if my reference is correct, as I frequently tell my students, “If you can name it, than you have the right object”. For example, if there is a button called “cmdOpen” on the “frmMainMenu” form, I can reference it with Forms!frmMainMenu.cmOpen.Name. It should show up as cmdOpen on the immediate window.

2 :: What are managing Data Tasks?

Data can be managed by using the features of Import text wizard and export text wizard. Here you can save the operation for future use. First you should edit the specification name after clicking it you can make changes to the text box. Path can also be changed by clicking and modifying the changes in text box. Changes to the description of the file name can be made by making a change in the text box and then saving the changes to the path, specification name by pressing enter.

3 :: Tell us how Do You Create An Append Query?

Append query can be used if you would like to add new rows of data to an already existing table.
The process of creating an append query follows these steps they are.
Basic step should be to create a select query
After selecting the query you need to append the query
Destination fields should be selected for each column in the query
Records can be appended by using the function to run.

4 :: Tell us About The Various Features Present In Ms Access?

Microsoft access has huge benefits for a programmer and end user. Some of the benefits are

☛ Relative compatibility with SQL and VBA.
☛ Microsoft SQL server desktop engine is embedded into the Access suite along with getdata base engine which can further help you in programming.
☛ MS Access allows forms to contain data which is altered as changes are made to the underlying table.
☛ It has features which support the creation of all objects in the underlying server.

5 :: Tell us what format should my database be saved in to allow different versions of Microsoft Access to open the database?

MS Access is not backwards compatible. To share tables between different versions of MS Access, you can link the tables between two different databases. However, only the tables in the converted database would be available.

6 :: Tell me how can I open an MS Access database that has been converted to a current version?

MS Access is not backwards compatible. A workaround to share tables between different versions of MS Access would be to link the tables between two different databases. All objects in the database would not be available.

7 :: Tell me when I assigned a primary key to my table in Microsoft Access, I was expecting my data to be sorted. Am I using the correct procedure?

Some developers occasionally rely on indexes to sort their data, but shouldn't. That's because an index is an internal Jet operation that relies on internal rules to speed sorting, which is not the same as actually performing the sort. Records are not stored differently or changed. The sort is not performed until an action is being taken against the data like a query. This is not the same as simply opening a table in its Datasheet View. Although an index often appears to sort data, those internal rules often conflict with normal sorting practices and can have unexpected results. Sorting can be accomplished through the use of a query where ascending or descending can be specified against any one of the fields chosen from the table.

8 :: Tell me why don't my table relationships show as '1' and '∞'? All I have is the line?

You have probably not chosen to have referential integrity checked when you created the relationship. Delete the relationship (click on the line then choose delete) and try again, this time choosing to have referential integrity checked.

Referential integrity is important. For example, in the Chelmer Leisure database, for the 1:m relationship between the Category and the Membership Tables, referential integrity will ensure that all member records have a membership type that is already listed in the Category table.

9 :: Tell me how do I convert an Access database to/from another version?

When you open an Access database in a newer version of the software, Access will ask you if you want to convert it and then, if you reply 'yes' will do the conversion. When converting from Access 97 to Access 2000, it is recommended that you first compile all the code (see Debug-->Compile all Modules), then repair and compact it (see Tools-->Database Utilities). If you don't do this, you may get a message saying that the database is corrupt. This not does seem to be necessary when converting to XP.

If you reply 'No' to the conversion, then the database can be opened and data amended (I think), but no design changes can be made.

There is also information regarding conversions to/from different versions in Access Help. Use the keywords

convert, access
to find the relevant pages.

10 :: Do you know what is a collection?

A group of objects held together by a class or custom grouping, (You can create your own collection of objects). You may not realize it, but every time you use the syntax Forms!MyForm to either make a form invisible or do other actions, you are using the Form collection in Access. Another useful collection is the Controls collection of the Form class.