Important Legal Assistants Interview Preparation Guide
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Legal Assistants Frequently Asked Questions in various Paralegal job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

34 Paralegal Questions and Answers:

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Important  Paralegal Job Interview Questions and Answers
Important Paralegal Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: What is the workplace of a Paralegal like?

Paralegals are found in all types of organizations, but most work for a corporation's legal department, government agencies or law firms. They usually work full time, and although most paralegals work year round, some are temporarily employed during busy times of the year. Paralegals who work for law firms may need to work overtime to meet deadlines. Occasionally, paralegals travel to gather information and do other tasks, but for the most part work in offices and law libraries.

2 :: What is the reason to become a paralegal?

Paralegals typically work with attorneys in all aspects of their practices including helping them prepare cases for trial, researching matters, speaking with clients, and preparing documents for court deadlines. A paralegal is often vital to a lawyer's success.
A paralegal's job description will vary depending on the attorney, the type of law the attorney practices, the size of the law firm and the location of the law firm.
It is a paralegals job to make clear coherent decision independently. This includes getting all the required information and essential facts. It is then the paralegals job to choose the best alternative decision, while focusing on a logical and systematic decision-making process.
You should demonstrate all the above to the interviewer

5 :: Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult client?

A Paralegal is the face of the company and during this time professionalism is required.
You should tell the interviewer about specific techniques you used when handling a difficult client and how you stayed calm. At the same time explain how you were able to get all the necessary facts and information, discussing options and coming to an agreement.

6 :: Give an example of a time when you had to organize a lot of data that had to be used within a tight deadline?

As a Paralegal there are times when research and analysis of data is required for written reports and summaries. Working under pressure is also necessary.
You should tell the interviewer about times you were under pressure and the steps that you took. You should use specific examples, to highlight key issues. You should highlight your application process, and the relevant legal principals you used when doing so.

7 :: What does a paralegal do?

Paralegals may typically do the following:
☛ Help lawyers during trials
☛ Conduct research on laws, legal articles and regulations
☛ Organize and present information
☛ Keep information related to cases in computer databases
☛ Help lawyers by writing reports to prepare for trials
☛ Investigate facts of a case
☛ Draft correspondence and documents, such as mortgages and contracts
☛ Get formal statements and affidavits that could be used as evidence in court

8 :: How to craft a solid resume?

Your resume should be a professional and thorough representation of your skills, experience and education. It is the document that tells potential employers why they should consider you for a position, whether you meet their minimum criteria for hiring, and what unique skills or interests you will bring to their company. Use fonts that will open on any computer. Make sure your contact information is obvious and professional. For example, if your email ID is ILovePuppies, you should create a professional address to add to your resume. Ensure that your resume is proofread and contains no grammatical errors. Have several people look at it for visual appeal, strength of content and proofreading purposes. Print it on good quality paper if you will be mailing a physical copy.

9 :: Why to have a professional sounding voicemail message?

When a hiring manager calls to offer you an interview, you want your outgoing message to sound responsible and professional.

10 :: Why should you ensure that your presence on the internet conveys a professional message?

Many employers will perform internet searches on potential employees, view their Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles and Twitter feed, and read their blogs. Search yourself and make sure that your e-presence conveys a professional image.

11 :: How would you pay attention to your personal appearance?

Your clothing and hair will make a first impression on a potential employer. Professionalism is important, especially in the legal field. Look and dress the part, especially at job fairs and interviews.

12 :: How would you have positive references available?

Contact educators and former coworkers to ask if they would feel comfortable giving a reference for you. Have a list of these contacts available.

13 :: Why to write a strong cover letter?

Your cover letter should be professional in tone and font, strongly written and containing no grammatical errors. However, your cover letter also gives you an opportunity to let some of your personality show. Do not simply summarize your resume. Tell the hiring manager what make you the right candidate for this job. Go into detail about relevant work experience or skills that would make you an asset to the company. Research the company to strengthen your case and show your interest in working for them.

14 :: How would you find a job as a paralegal?

Once you have completed your education or decided to pursue a direct-entry into the profession, it is time to begin your job search. The legal profession has a high standard of professionalism, with professional appearance and attitude being valued both in person and on paper. Strong candidates will:
☛ Craft a solid resume
☛ Write a strong cover letter
☛ Have positive references available
☛ Pay attention to your personal appearance
☛ Have a professional sounding voicemail message

15 :: What are interpersonal skills?

Both in day-to-day dealings with lawyers and other professionals, and in working with clients, strong interpersonal skills will benefit a paralegal. Consider supplemental training in conflict resolution, mediation, active listening, group communication and other avenues for both honing your own interpersonal communications and assisting others.

16 :: Tell me about research?

While many research skills are taught in paralegal studies programs, practice definitely helps paralegals become more efficient. Additional workshops on Boolean searches, specific computer programs like library and information sciences and other research opportunities will improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

17 :: What are computers and technology?

Increasing amounts of paralegal's work is being done by computer, from correspondence to calendaring dates to legal research. Paralegals will be well served by having a strong command of word processing, databases, spreadsheet, presentations, internet searches and the like.

18 :: What is written communication?

Strong written communication skills are imperative for paralegals who must present information in written form on correspondence, drafts, pleadings, motions, briefs, contracts and numerous other documents daily. You must be able to communicate accurately and precisely on paper and across many forms of media: letters, documents, email, and fax. You must have a strong command of grammar, punctuation and factual, persuasive writing. Give yourself many opportunities to practice, through tutoring, writing classes or self-study.

19 :: List some additional skills to develop a paralegal?

Here are some additional skills of paralegal:
☛ Oral Communication
☛ Written Communication
☛ Computers and Technology
☛ Research
☛ Interpersonal Skills

20 :: What is oral communication?

As paralegals are frequently dialoging with lawyers, clients and other professionals, strong communication is a must. Any class, conference, workshop or meeting that gives you the chance to practice clear and precise speech can be helpful. Look for Toastmasters International, debate clubs, public speaking workshops and other opportunities.

21 :: How to become a paralegal?

You are interested in law, you are detail-oriented, you enjoy critical thinking tasks and research. At this juncture you must decide which path to follow in order to find a job as a paralegal. There are several possibilities:
☛ Earn a certificate or degree
☛ Find employment that provides on-the-job training for paralegals
☛ Find a job in the legal field, such as legal secretary or court clerk and work your way up to a paralegal position

22 :: List some areas of specialization of paralegal?

There are numerous legal specialties from which paralegals may choose. Some of the more popular areas are:
☛ ABA Paralegal
☛ Bankruptcy
☛ Corporate
☛ Family Law
☛ Freelance Paralegal
☛ Immigration
☛ Litigation
☛ Nurse Paralegal
☛ Paralegal Specialist
☛ Real Estate

23 :: Who approves programs for ABA paralegals?

The Standing Committee on Paralegals approves ABA-Approved Paralegal Education programs to "enhance their careers goals as a paralegal." The Standing Committee, although it does not provide ratings for ABA-approved educational programs, provides an approved status to help individuals find programs that meet specific standards.

24 :: Why should we employ you for the job?

You should put focus on what you can bring to the organisation. Some qualities can include the following:
☛ Legal knowledge
☛ Abilities
☛ Legal experience and skills
Now you should bring specific attention to the qualities that you bring, by highlighting particular strengths such as
☛ Your analytical ability,
☛ Your specialist knowledge
☛ Your research skills
☛ Your e-discovery

25 :: What methods do you use to show that your work is accurate?

You will need to highlight your attention to all the details within a specific task, whether it was small or big. You should then tell the interviewer about your systems and processes used for checking your work and its accuracy.
Paralegal Interview Questions and Answers
34 Paralegal Interview Questions and Answers