International Business Machines (IBM) Interview Preparation Guide
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IBM Interview Questions and Answers will guide that International Business Machines, abbreviated IBM, is a multinational computer, technology and IT consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, North Castle, New York, United States. The company is one of the few information technology companies with a continuous history dating back to the 19th century. Get preparation for job in IBM with this IBM Interview Questions with Answers guide

36 IBM Questions and Answers:

2 :: Often the number of questions or allotment of marks for the written test does vary. In the written test you will have a total of 55 marks out of which 10 marks is awarded to English. The basic split up is as follows: -

Writing: -
1) English: -10 marks basic grammar related questions, synonyms, antonyms, prepositions, articles, questions on passages, comprehensive, etc.
2) Aptitude section: -Aptitude section consists of 25 marks and the general difficulty of the questions is also low. There will be 6 questions or soon venn diagrams, data sufficiency, normal match calculation, averages, percentages, etc.
3) General attention detail: - This section is very easy section and as the name applies you need to give detail on the question. General detail section consists of 10 marks.
4) Technical section: - Nothing to worry about this section

you will be asked on various basic fundamentals. You just need to prepare yourself on basics and fundamentals. This section carry`s 10 marks.

4 :: Some of the questions asked during the IBM interview are as follows: -

1) What is RDBMS, DBMS and what is the difference?
2) Explain about a main frame and its uses?
3) What are stored procedures?
4) Explain some ways through which a database can be exploited?
5) What is data ware housing and state some features and concepts?
6) How do you use Hyperion? etc

5 :: It is good to prepare yourself on these following topics they are: -

1) UNIX important commands, features, uses, advantages over other OS.
2) Sorting programs in an Operating system, stacking layers, OS layers, important distinction between different OS.
3) DBMS, RDBMS, etc this is really important. Pick as many questions as you can.

6 :: It is very important to know about IBM

It is very important to know about IBM and the features of your job position you can expect questions about IBM and responsibilities about your Job.

7 :: Section 3: -HR round or HR interview for IBM JOB

IBM focuses chiefly on the confidence level of the applicant. Whenever you are giving an answer to a particular question answer it with confidence and have clarity of thought. They ask you general questions but they observe you when you answer them.

8 :: Here are some questions asked during the IBM interview.

1) Gives an introduction about yourself (Tell me about your self)?
2) What makes us to hire you?
3) Explain about some important features of your project?
4) Why is it difficult for people to understand the basics of programming or software engineering?
5) Mention your weakness and strengths?
6) What are all the programming languages you know?
7) Tell me about your favorite programming language?

9 :: When you are answering this question for IBM JOB:-

When you are answering this question the interview expects you to answer him for at-least ten to fifteen minutes. If you have done project on that particular language then do explain to him about the various features of that language which you incorporated into your project. It is better to speak until he asks you to stop. Don’t forget that he knows much more about that particular language than you do.

10 :: Try to be honest and do not fool the interviewer or fake your image.

Try to be honest and don’t fool the interviewer or fake your image.
1) Why do you want to work with IBM and not any other company?
2) How many companies did you apply to?
3) Tell me about your family background?
4) How did your education back ground help you for a career in IT?
5) Explain about UNIX?
6) What is a folder and what are its various features?