International Business Machines (IBM) Question:
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Often the number of questions or allotment of marks for the written test does vary. In the written test you will have a total of 55 marks out of which 10 marks is awarded to English. The basic split up is as follows: -


Writing: -
1) English: -10 marks basic grammar related questions, synonyms, antonyms, prepositions, articles, questions on passages, comprehensive, etc.
2) Aptitude section: -Aptitude section consists of 25 marks and the general difficulty of the questions is also low. There will be 6 questions or soon venn diagrams, data sufficiency, normal match calculation, averages, percentages, etc.
3) General attention detail: - This section is very easy section and as the name applies you need to give detail on the question. General detail section consists of 10 marks.
4) Technical section: - Nothing to worry about this section

you will be asked on various basic fundamentals. You just need to prepare yourself on basics and fundamentals. This section carry`s 10 marks.

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Pattern for the IBM interview process. Pattern of IBM is similar to other companies it hasThe most important point to remember is cut off when the questions or the average rises then the cut off also rises proportionately