Company Knowledge Interview Preparation Guide
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Company Knowledge Interview Questions and Answers will teach us what we should know about the company before going for an interview, so learn carefully the Company Knowledge with this Company Knowledge Interview Questions with Answers guide

34 Company Knowledge Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you consider your self successful?

You should always answer yes and briefly explain why. A good explanation is that you have set goals, and you have met some and are on track to achieve the others.

2 :: Why do you want to work for organization?

This may take some thought and certainly, should be based on the research you have done on the organization. Sincerity is extremely important here and will easily be sensed. Relate it to your long-term career goals.

i work for the organization for growth and improve our profits of firm and its good firm in the world it will give the life for in this firm achieve my goals.

3 :: What do you know about our this organization?

This question is one reason to do some research on the organization before the interview.
Find out where they have been and where they are going. What are the current issues and who are the major players?

this is the difficult for every one.each and every person think about the firm before attend the interview.we will do the job in perticuler firm its having best name in socity.but it have no good impression mind of people can't able join the firm.

4 :: Have you ever been asked to leave for your position?

If you have not, say no. If you have, be honest, brief and avoid saying negative things about the people or organization involved.

5 :: Tell us about the most fun you have had on your job?

Talk about having fun by accomplishing something for the organization.

wat are the extra skills that i should cultivate myself so as to find good opportunities of best use..being an employee of yous company?

6 :: Why should i join this industry?

It gives so many opportunities for graduates and postgraduate irrespective of their specialization subjects and more over it recognized the talent of the candidate and utilize their efficiency in right way by giving opportunities.

7 :: Any question which can be asked from a software company when they told to ask any question?

Any question which can be asked from a software company when they told to ask any question

8 :: Do you know anyone who works for us now?

Be aware of the policy on relatives working for the organization. This can affect your answer even though they asked about friends not relatives. Be careful to mention a friend only if they are well thought of.

9 :: Do you have any questions for me now?

Always have some questions prepared. Questions prepared where you will be an asset to the organization are good. How soon will I be able to be productive? and What type of projects will I be able to assist on? are examples.

Be prepared to answer this question.The bets way u can attract the interviewer is to give an answer that is beneficial to the organisation.I prefer "Well sir, what are the computer languages that I need to learn,so that I can implement them quickly and help in building up our organization".

10 :: Explain how you would be an asset to our this organization?

You should be anxious for this question. It gives you a chance to highlight your best points as they relate to the position being discussed. Give a little advance thought to this relationship.

Every person has one capacity & i have the capacity that I can manage every thing & i am working hartly.