Government UPSC Political Science Interview Preparation Guide
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28 Government UPSC Political Science Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is the main factor that contributed Fascism to rise in Italy

Following factors led to rise of fascism in Italy :-

1. Soaring unemployment
2. Rising price of articles of daily use.
3. The people were fed up with the various political
factions in Italy who were incessantly fighting amongst each
other for their vested interests rather than providing
stability to the nation through a mature and responsible

These 3 factors along with feelings of nationalism and
injustice done to Italy during World War I vis-a-vis denying
her share in territorial possessions (Treaty of Versailles
clause) paved the path for rise of fascism in Italy.
Mussolini's dictatorial ideology provided a rallying point
for the people who gave their full-fledged support ot him
and threw their weight behind the fascist party.

All these factors helped Mussolini to effectively emerge as
the sole powerful party in Italy. After coming to power, he
systematically eliminated all those people/parties who
opposed his views/ideas.

It needs to be noted that the rise of fascists in Italy was
similar to that of Nazis in Germany as in both countries,
the socio-politico-economic situation was same and the Nazis
and Fascists exploited these conditions to their favour and
rose to power.

2 :: Say something about Fascism?

It was formed to oppose Socialism, it believed in the
theory of Corporate state and single leadership and
subordination of women and it has absolute faith in violent

3 :: What Fascism means?

A bundle of rods

4 :: Workers of the world unite: you have nothing to lose except your chains, who said it?

Its a quote from The Communist Manifesto, ussually
attributed to Marx and Engels (thgough Marx was the major

8 :: To which socialism stands for?

Liberty as well as equality

9 :: What is main objective of Socialism?

different forms of socalism have different objectives, but
most of them (not all) have distubuting money more equally
between people.

10 :: Explain socialism?

socialism the system of governance in which the major means
of production is owned by the government and the government
itself ensures the equal distribution of resources besides
ensuring that wealth is not accumulated in the hands of few