Government NDA Interview Preparation Guide
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Government NDA frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Government NDA. So get preparation for the Government NDA job interview

23 Government NDA Questions and Answers:


Generally NDA training is of 5years out of which 1 year is
training at IMA which include physical training and later
on 4years training at NDA (B.Tech). You can also complete
M.Tech at NDA by extending more 1year. During these, there
are several interveiws and co-curricular activities at NDA.

2 :: Why you want to join Indian air force?

Becoming an Officer of Indian Air Force implies Self
Dignity to a high level. To serve people of India.

4 :: What types question is asking in ssb?

That depend upon the interviewer and your subjects opted.
Generally it consists of Rank and Salaries of the Officers
of Indian Armed Forces and General Knowledge on different
statesof India.

5 :: Suppose in your family there is someone who is in contact with some terrorist group and you have been informed the he/she is responsible for mumbai terror attack then what you will do?

first of all i will find all proofs, after finding i will
say to my relatives to stop doing such thing and please
slender to police.If he/she is not agreed with me then i will
call police and gave all proofs to police that he/she is
responsible for mumbai terrorist attack ,and say take him/her
away and gave punishment.

6 :: Why do you want to join defence, however there are many options for your carrier like Engineering, doctor etc.?

Facility in forces as compared to other fields r more.
Recently forces has given opportunity for higher studies
like whicj will help u in any field.
Most important thing is u r in govermrnt job which us safer
and better as compared to working in private sector.
Pride and honor while working will be awesome.

7 :: Who was the India first prime minister?


8 :: What is the difference between maoism, naxalism, and communism?

mavoyism based on the theory of mavo zedong.a person or a
group want to practisise the theory called mavoist.

naxalism originated in westbangal by a group of people for
accomplish their demands in anyway.which does not based on

communism is different from the two mentioned above.the best
word to define communism is to reduce the difference between
rich and poor.