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Government UPSC frequently Asked Questions in various Government UPSC job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Government UPSC job interview

16 Government UPSC Questions and Answers:

1 :: When the upsc cpf ac result Is going to be decalred for this year is it coming on 3rd of oct11?

Most probably on 3rd oct because its the rule to declare result before next written exam. This year it is on 9th oct.

2 :: Is it compulsary to hav 2-3yrs. Work exp. In
mfg. Or other field To become Drug Inspector?

It is necessary to have minimum 18 months of exp. in
industry under Schedule C of D&c Act,1940. for UPSC Exams,
not compulsory for state wide DI Posts.

3 :: What type of questions asked in CPF interview?

1. What is your name, roll number and date of birth.
2. What is the meaning of your name? (Details about the name asked)
3. What is insurgency problem? Where?
4. What is participatory management?
5. How you can use your knowledge of Computer Science in CPF?
6. What is Wi-Fi? How it works?
7. Blood pressure?
8. What is phishing?
9. What is Firewall?
10. Hindi should be made national language. Favour and Against statements.
11. E security
12. You are with group, insurgents comes, what you will do? How you will handle?
13. You are on border. You know about the attack. You know the enemy. How you will handle?
14. What is scientific research?
15. Are you a good leader?
16. What is food security? Your relation to it?

4 :: What are the jobs in upsc?
What are the services in upsc?
What is civils briefly?

UPSC stands for Uninon Public Service commission. It is a
constitutional body ( means created by the law of
consitution of India). It looks after all the recruitment
processes to select the most important and higher posts in
Government of India such as IAS (Indina Administrative
services), IFS(Indian Foreing Services), IPS (Indian Police
Services), IRS (Indian Revenue Services) and many more
through civil service exam.
Other recruitment includes selection of defence forces
offiers in Army Navy and Air Forces.

The posts in Civil services are..
IAS- District Collecror/district Magistrate and above
IPS- Superitendent of Police (SP) and above
IRS- Income Tax Commissioner and above.
IFS- Offiers in the Indian Embessays abroad.

5 :: Who said "the muslims were fools to ask for safeguards, and the hindus were greater fools to refuse them"?

muslims were fools to ask for safeguards, and the hindus were
greater fools to refuse them"?

7 :: What was the role of Lord Canning in the revolution of 1857?

three is major work:-

(a)1856 established of Remarried act.
(b)1861 passed Indian council act and established university in kolkata , Mumbai and Chennai(madras)

8 :: What is skilled?

Aptitude in practice......

9 :: Why i should select only you and not the candidate sitting outside?

I may not be better than anyone else!
But 1 thing i'm sure that my attributes makes me different
from others.. & that are making me able to survive in all
the challenging situations & so i can say that i'll be
suitable candidate for you to select & finally it is upto you.

10 :: Is there any difference between the upsc ENGG and
UPSC IES exam?