Government SSC Geography Interview Preparation Guide
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Government SSC Geography frequently Asked Questions in various Government SSC Geography job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Government SSC Geography job interview

26 Government SSC Geography Questions and Answers:

1 :: Where is tarapur?

tarapur is in mumbai which is towards daman. After santacruz, vasai , palghar then tarapur.

2 :: Which river is the known as Ganga of south?



3 :: why it snows in shimla and not in amritsar when both places have sub zero temperature in winters?

The reason is only shimla is situated in highest lattitued and
as well as it stops the cold winds from himalayas. but in
amritsar the cold winds are moving through.

5 :: What is Indian union?

India is a union of states. neither a true federal nor
pure unitary character........ quasi federal

7 :: Koun si Nadi West (Paschim) me bahti Hai?

2 nadi west me bahti hai 1. Narmada, 2. Tapti

9 :: largest district in India?