Funeral Director Interview Preparation Guide
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Funeral Director based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as Funeral Director. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

44 Funeral Director Questions and Answers:

1 :: How to land a job at a funeral home?

Don't be desperate to find a funeral home. You will end up quitting and jumping from one frying pan to another. Don't rush it. You will know when you find the right place.

2 :: Do you really have to sew people's mouth shut?

It is a curiosity for many people how the body is prepared. Part of the embalming and preparation process is called "setting features." We use different means to ensure that the eyes and mouth are closed and to give the deceased a natural appearance as if asleep or in a state of repose. Generally, that does not involve having to use sutures.

3 :: What is the most difficult part of being a Funeral Attendant?

Because of empathizing, it may be difficult to hold back tears.

4 :: Do you have any advice for those wanting to get into the funeral business?

My advice is … funeral services isn't a "job", it's a calling. If you don't have it in your heart you'll never succeed.
Job shadow a funeral director for one week if you're able and tour/talk to a mortuary school.

5 :: Do you have any experiences being in a funeral home?

No, but im a fast learner and a hard worker. I am committed to do the best of my ability.

6 :: Have you any tips for funeral students trying to get an apprenticeship at a funeral home?

Personal Presentation is HUGE. Dress nice but don't look like a hooker or pimp. Hide all crazy tattoos and piercings! (And you should probably shave your beard and cut your hair.)

7 :: Where do you see yourself in 5 years as Funeral Director?

I wish to learn more about the funeral services business and hope to become licensed. I feel I belong in this industry and wish this to be my place, my career until I retire.

8 :: How to prepare for a job interview at a funeral home?

I would try to get letters of recommendation from any past employers or teachers. Just being able to show them copies of old ones proves that you've done good work in the past. If you don't have enough work / school experience to show them that, then get something similar from any volunteer organization or activity that you have done. If you fed people through your church on Thanksgiving, then get the "organizer" of that activity to write something about you in a quick paragraph of a Word Document and make sure that activity is on your resume. Bring the letters and a copy of your resume to the interview in a professional looking binder.

When you interview, emphasize how school / those various activities in the past have prepared you to work at the funeral home. Use specifics relating to your job! For example, discuss some event where someone didn't use social intelligence and ended up offending someone with their communication. Give an example of when you are had to use that skill for an activity and explain how you did it correctly.

9 :: What are your career goals as Funeral Director?

Helping others with their loss and moving forward and helping people with honouring their missed loved ones.

10 :: How to go about planning my own funeral arrangements?

The first thing you should do is talk with your family about the subject.

We (funeral directors) visit thousands of homes every year and many people tell us they've never taken even 10 or 20 minutes to sit down with each other and discuss what they'd want if something happened to one or both of them.

The next step would be to make an appointment with the funeral director to record your wishes. He or she will gather some important statistical information for a death certificate, and help you select the type of service you want.

And finally you can, if you wish, pay in advance for services and merchandise to be provided in the (hopefully distant) future. Most funeral homes will offer an inflation proof contract that locks in the price for their services and merchandise at the time the contract is signed.