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How to prepare for a job interview at a funeral home?


I would try to get letters of recommendation from any past employers or teachers. Just being able to show them copies of old ones proves that you've done good work in the past. If you don't have enough work / school experience to show them that, then get something similar from any volunteer organization or activity that you have done. If you fed people through your church on Thanksgiving, then get the "organizer" of that activity to write something about you in a quick paragraph of a Word Document and make sure that activity is on your resume. Bring the letters and a copy of your resume to the interview in a professional looking binder.

When you interview, emphasize how school / those various activities in the past have prepared you to work at the funeral home. Use specifics relating to your job! For example, discuss some event where someone didn't use social intelligence and ended up offending someone with their communication. Give an example of when you are had to use that skill for an activity and explain how you did it correctly.

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