Cooking Interview Preparation Guide
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Cooking Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Cooking. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

47 Cooking Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me something about your qualification?

I am a graduate of The Culinary College, LA and have been working as a junior cook for the past two years. I am an organized person with demonstrated ability to run and maintain a hygienic cooking station.

2 :: Describe the last time you made a difficult decision on the job as a Line Cook. What facts did you consider? How long did it take you to decide?

An annoying waiter who was very lazy an impatient. I just didnt kill him because i needed a spare waiter , and it would be a shame to get blood on my uniform. People like him shouldnt work in kitchens , but im still deciding on whether i should toss his butox out of the kitchen or tell him to shut up and do his job and stop annoying me.

3 :: Why did you choose this profession as Cooking Chef?

Food is my passion and I enjoy experimenting with different flavors. My exposure to different parts of the world as a child developed in me an understanding of various cuisines and I like to invent fusion dishes which is why I opted for a culinary career.

4 :: Tell me about a time when you had to work at a steady pace putting things in sequence. What did you do? What happened when you got tired?

Well i organize myself according to the deman really. I usually try to have quality over velocity to be honest. Usually i have an order of doing things and never just do things out of a random outburst. Tired.... people in the kitchen get tired but im sure most dont sit down and rest we work it out till its time to hit the hay. Really anyone who is getting tired from standing up shouldnt be working in the kitchen especially when you will be standing up 8 - 12+ hours.

5 :: Where do you see yourself in ten years as Chef?

Being a highly motivated individual with a passion for cooking, in the next ten years I see myself working as a head chef in some five star restaurant or having one of my own.

6 :: Describe your experience with prep-work, cleaning, and working on the line?

Worked several weeks as a prep cook before getting boosted up to line. I had to prep , clean and work the salad station and as an expiditor awhile before working the line. I obviously prep and clean everything before and after my shift and or the restaurant has closed;

7 :: What strategies do you apply in order to keep yourself organized?

I am an inborn manager and usually enter my work station pre organized. To ensure organization at work, I always send requisition for supplies needed at least one day in advance and I always pay special attention to prep work. Things are least likely to go wrong at a cooking station if the prep targets are achieved well in time.

8 :: How do you ensure a smooth service period?

(This is another question aimed at determining how well you know your work. Be specific as to what you believe is the right set of activities to ensure smooth services.)

Smooth service is the basis of any type of food service organization. To ensure this, I make sure that there is sufficient stock and levels of food supplies available to line stations at all times.

9 :: Explain a time when you faced a difficult situation and how you dealt with it?

During the last holiday season while I was in charge of the pastry station, a colleague who was in charge at the entrée station had to go on urgent leave. I covered up for him while maintaining my own station as well. The first day was a bit difficult but then I developed and applied some effective strategies and did all that was possible before hand to ensure timely food service. I was able to run both stations simultaneously without extra help for a week

10 :: Think about the last time your manager critiqued your work. How did you respond?

I took the Critique as a positive advice to improve my work and my self.