Home Health Aide Interview Preparation Guide
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Home Health Aide Frequently Asked Questions in various Home Health Aide job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

39 Home Health Aide Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain how well do you work with people?

I am a people person, and find that I am the type of person that longs for interaction. I put forth my best effort when working and interacting with others, it is a big motivation for me.

2 :: What were the duties you performed at your previous workplace?

In capacity of a HHA at my previous workplace I was responsible for monitoring the patient's physical and mental health, assisting in proper medication intake, providing housekeeping, laundry services and personal hygiene care, cooking meals, keeping company, taking the patient on social and hospital visits regularly and the like.

3 :: Are you a legal resident of the United States or do you have work authorization?

Residency status is a sensitive topic but this is an important question to ask. Some people don't ask and don't care. But it can be an issue when dealing with the IRS. When your worker is hired, make a copy of his official photo identification for your file.

4 :: Tell me what are your greatest weaknesses?

My greatest weakness is something that im work on his getting. My ged.

5 :: What particularly interests you within the personal care arena?

Looking after people who have trouble handling themselves is a source of great comfort to me. This is interesting work not only because of the new challenges one comes across every day but also because it gives me a great sense of achievement to know that I have assisted someone in keeping their health intact.

6 :: What qualifies you to handle a medical emergency?

I am first aid certified from AHA and also possess a first class BLS certificate.

7 :: If you're hired, will you be willing to sign a contract?

Signing a contract will protect you and the worker. The document should include: a task list, salary specifics, benefits (if applicable), details concerning schedule, house rules, etc. Before drawing up any sort of contract, you may want to consult an attorney.

8 :: Do you have any special needs or requests with regard to the schedule? Any time-off needs or requirements? Are you available, if necessary, for overnights, weekends, etc.?

Continuity is an important part of eldercare. When you hire someone - whether the assignment is short- or long-term - it is critical to your parent's well-being, not to mention your own, that the homecare plan runs smoothly. The only way that can happen is if your worker can and will follow the schedule. Better to get these questions answered now rather than later.

9 :: What days and times are you available?

Am available to work during week days from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.

10 :: Explain what is your philosophy towards work?

My philosophy towards work is to always do my best in whatever assignment I am ask to perform.