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What do internet telephony, packet telephony, IP telephony and converged network means?


The first thing all mean the same thing. Which is using IP
(Internet protocol) for voice services. Some voice networks
are only packet-switched and have no access outside of
their own VoIP network. Most VoIP networks have a Gateway
that connects to a circuit-switched external network which
gives them acces to external calling. One of the gateways
responsibilites is to convert G.711 Circuit-switched media
(typically a T1 provided by a telco company) to the 7.723
Packet-switched media that will traverse the companies VoIP
network. A device called a gatekeeper will then convert the
IP address (used by H.323 protocol) to a standard telephone
number (E.164 address) that can be used for external

A converged network is a network that passes both Voice and
Data over the same set of devices. Converged networks
generally implement QoS (Quality of service) on all actived
network devices to ensure the VoIP has priority over
standard data because of it's more rigid demands.

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