Telecom Security Interview Preparation Guide
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Telecom Security frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Telecommunication Security. These interview questions and answers on Telecom Security will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Telecom Security job interview

5 Telecommunication Security Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain Why is VLAN trunking a security risk?

while physical separation between network segments,VLAN
rely on switching should be perfect, if not
so,misconfiguration or a bug could cause the VLAN barriers
to be broken
There i a 2 risk

1.packet leaks from one VLAN to another, possibly revealing
sensitive information

2.In the second, a specially crafted packet is injected
into another VLAN. Any attack that could cause the VLAN
barriers to break requires a machine directly attached to
the physical network. This means that only a local machine
can execute an attack against the switch.

2 :: Tell me how to do testing in webnms(network management system)?

NMS is a GUI(Graphical user interface) device by using SNMP
protocal you remotely monitor/config/operate the device. By
NMS u have full control of remote device 7 u do
testing/config/updation/status.....of remote device

3 :: Do you know what is cdma technology?

wireless technology used in transmission os signal from one
place to another with high secury and noise reduction.

4 :: Explain how can cdma work?

CDMA works on the principle of Spresd spectrum.Herewith
the help of a CODE, data signal is spread like a noise like
signal which is unable to detect by provides
security.Since the spreaded signal is below the noise level
noise has no effect on the signal.its provides noise reduction

5 :: Do you know history of cdma?

CDMA was developed during second world war inorder to
transmit signals in military.high security provides a wide
application in military