Telecom Hardware Interview Preparation Guide
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Telecommunication Hardware frequently Asked Questions in various Telecom Hardware job Interviews by interviewer. The set of Telecommunication Hardware interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. Get preparation of Telecommunication Hardware job interview

6 Telecommunication Hardware Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain the types of digital modulation techniques

Amplitude shift keying ASK
Frequency shift keying FSK
Phase shift keying PSK
Minimum PSK MPSK
Quadrature PSK
Gaussian PSK

In GSM we use Gaussian minimum shift keying GMSK

2 :: Explain which type antenna uses in mobile communication

Pole Antenna-for local coverage.
Microwave Antenna-for point to point communication
transreciver,in different area BTS communication...

3 :: What is the Best Mobile Automation tools?

Device anywhere 4.2 is mobile automation tool. Its like QTP tool for mobile applications.This tool provide around 2000 real time devices which you can use just like physical devices in your hand.
This tool is revolution in mobile testing.

4 :: What is the network and host?

network is a collection of object or entities, that are
communicate with each other.
mainly network is three type:
1. lan
1. lan stand fo local area network. that limited within the
office, within the campus stand for metrocity area network that limited with
the one metro city
3.wan :wide area network

5 :: Explain a path 4 broadband connection from ISP to home. define it with senioru?

ADSL2+ technology is used in broadband
Network Elements of a Broadband Network
1.DSL Modem in customer premises
3.Aggregation switches
4.BNG Broadband Network gateway Router
5.MPLS Network

6 :: Witch will be the first layer (OSI) and why?

Pysical layer is the first OSI layer, it is more related to
the netwok (hardware ) ie cable