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I have done BCA and pursuing my career in customer care. I want to change my field, i am more interested in IT. Please guide me how i can start my career in IT?

Career Advice Requests Interview Question
Career Advice Requests Interview Question


IT is a vast field. In other words there are numeros areas like database design,application programming, SAP, testing and so on. Let me know what is the area of your interest and I could suggest you whether you have bright options in that and what to do further in that line of your interest.

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Tell me books on user acceptance testing projects i am desperately need it?Tell me when and where can i write the aptitude tests conducted by top IT firms like InfoSys, Accenture, CTS, TCS, etc.? I am in my final year engineering now, with mechanical as my specialization. I am really worried about my career, and these tests were not even conducted by our college?