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Explain me what is the difference between Cash discount and Trade discount?


☛ Cash discount is an allowance made by retailers to the customers for prompt payment. On the other hand, trade discount is an allowance made by the wholesaler dealer to retailers off the catalogue or invoice price. This allowance is made between purchasers and sellers engaged in the same class of trade.
☛ Cash discount is always allowed or received when payment is made. Trade discount enables the retailers to sell the products to customers at catalogue or price list issued by the wholesaler.
☛ Cash discount is an allowance in addition to the trade discount made by the seller to the buyer.
☛ Cash discount is recorded in account books while trade discount is not shown separately.
☛ The main purpose of allowing trade discount is to enable the retailers to sell the goods at list price while the purpose of providing cash discount is prompt payment by the debtor to the creditor.

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