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Explain OpenLink Data Access Components?


Your OpenLink Data Access Driver Suite (Multi-Tier Edition) consists of the following components, subdivided by prime function:

Client Components (OpenLink Database Agent Service Consumers)
Generic ODBC Driver (the file "oplodb32.dll" under windows or OS/2, "" or "" under UNIX)
Generic Driver for JDBC™ (the files "" or "oplj dbc.jar")
Generic UDBC Driver (the end product of statically linking the file libudbc.o or dynamically linking the file "" or" under UNIX)
Server Components (OpenLink Database Agent Service Providers)
OpenLink Request Broker (the file "oplrqb" or "oplrqb.exe" depending on operating system)
OpenLink Database Agents (the files "pro63e_sv" or "pro73c_sv" or "pro82a_sv" depending on major and minor Progress Database Server version and sub-version number)

The prime function of your OpenLink Components does not determine their physical location within your I.T. infrastructure, this is driven instead by the logical structure and nature of your database connectivity requirements.

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