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Explain Distributed Databases, Array Fields, Database Triggers?


Our ODBC Drivers facillate the support of the above through the use of a custom "Data Dictionary File", this file is built by running the OpenLink provided Progress Program File "setup.p" situated in the "bin" sub-directory below the OpenLink base installation directory.

Once the script has been run, modify the OpenLink "Session Rules Book" using the gudilines displayed when the " setup.p" program completes.

Note: To make use of Progress Database Triggers please ensure that the Logical Database name to which your Triggers have been compiled matches the value that you provide to the "-ld" parameter when setting your Progress Database Connect options during the execution of "setup.p" .


If you have compiled your triggers against a database physically identified as "/usr/progress/demo.db" but logically identified as "mydemo" your "setup.p" Database Connection String would be:

/usr/progress/demo -ld mydemo

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