Symbian (OS) Interview Preparation Guide
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Symbian Interview Questions and Answers will teach us now that Symbian is an open source operating system (OS) designed for mobile devices and smartphones, with associated libraries, user interface, frameworks and reference implementations of common tools, so learn more about Symbian with the help of this Symbian Interview Questions with Answers guide

12 Symbian Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Symbians significance in the wireless market?

Symbian OS is an advanced, open platform and Symbian is committed to supporting, implementing, and guiding the major wireless standards. But perhaps most importantly of all, Symbian understands the wireless market and the way it is changing. This includes the necessary security infrastructure, application and service provisioning and their business models, and rapid service development.

2 :: In what areas do you think wireless Java on Symbian OS will be applied?

The really exciting Java applications and services, including games, will be those that bring together a wide range of resources and bring people together. So a sales application might use a product catalogue, route planning, a time table, and location services. Or Java can add value to even a simple game like "Snake" by allowing me to play against my children when I'm overseas with a few minutes between meetings.

3 :: What are your plans for Java on Symbian OS?

The PersonalJava and JavaPhone APIs on Symbian OS provides perhaps the richest Java environment for mobile phones. As an example we might use this capability to create an application for coordinating a meeting: it would use calendar APIs, contacts APIs, and messaging APIs to negotiate a suitable time and venue amongst the delegates.

4 :: Why should developers target Symbian OS, rather than any other phone running a Java VM?

technical reasons to do with:
► Robustness
► Functionality and platform integration
► Performance, both in terms of speed and memory footprint

5 :: Can I install my paid copy of SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian OS on multiple devices?

Your registration key can only be used on one device at a time. Should you upgrade or change devices, you can enter your registration info when prompted by the device. The key transfer between your old device and your new one will happen automatically.

6 :: What is the advantage of Symbian devices compared to J2ME and Brew devices?

One advantage of a Symbian device over J2ME and Brew devices is with hardware access. Symbain has the best hardware access to the phone.

7 :: What is Cleanup mechanism in symbian?

To handle the exceptions in symbian we used the cleanup stack mechanism.The Symbian exception mechanism is based on leaving.The most important issue here is the Cleanup Stack.

8 :: What is the difference between thread and activex objects?

Multiple Active Objects in 1 thread and No data synchronisation and context switching overheads

9 :: What is two phase construction?

According to the two phase constructor idiom all initialisation code that might leave , as well as any call to the fuction that might leave are put together into a constructor call ie; ConstructL() known as the two phase constructor. This is used for proper cleanup if any leave occurs.

10 :: What is activex objects?why we need that?

We need Active Objects to perform multi-tasking in a single thread. It is also needed when you deal with client-server architecture inside Symbian. RunL() needs to be kept short as it is an non-preemptive multi-tasking process, it would hang the system otherwise.