Tricky Network Testing Interview Preparation Guide
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Network Testing Interview Questions and Answers will guide you now that how to test a network performance, this section will help you to get preparation for any Network Testing related job, so start learning about the Network Testing with the help of this Network Testing Interview Questions with Answers guide

8 Network Testing Questions and Answers:

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Tricky  Network Testing Job Interview Questions and Answers
Tricky Network Testing Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: How to download Cisco Clean Access?

Plug your CAT 5 Ethernet cable into your computers Ethernet adapter and the Ethernet jack in your room (make sure you get the Ethernet jack, not the phone jack). Just open your Internet browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and you will be redirected to our registration page where you can download the program.

2 :: How to obtain Network ID?

You work for a company as the network administrator. The second day on the job during a high level meeting the CEO express his concerns about having his Network upgrade from a PEER to Peer to a client server network. As the Net Admin person you were asked to design a system based on the following given criteria. Give a network id - How do you get this.

3 :: What anti-virus software is required?

McAfee anti virus software free of charge to all students. Students with current and up-to-date copies of other antivirus packages are also considered valid but the Help Desk can only troubleshoot validation issues for McAfee Antivirus

4 :: What are the common issues occurs in Network testing?

Basically the issues occurs in Thread and the database connectivity. Even the thread has not been launch to particular database it will be in closed state as unexceptionally thread hangs or disconnect from the Client

► Speed of the network
► Accessing one system from another system
► Speed of the internet through network
► Load of the net work
► Stress
► Try to change the IP address of ur system with another system IP
► Try to change the firewall setting to access un athorised sites
► Try to change the proxy settings to access un athorised sites

5 :: What does Clean Access Agent look at?

The only files Clean Access Agent looks at on your PC are OS files and anti-virus files. It doesn't look at pictures, music files, or your last term paper. It doesn't care about those things, and neither do we. We just want your PC to be up-to-date and "play nice" on the network.

6 :: Combine TCP/IP traffic and SNA traffic?

This can be done through by Legacy protocol connection via API

7 :: What does the Clean Access Agent do?

The Clean Access Agent is the client application that can check certain security settings on any Microsoft Windows PC to make sure that the system is up-to-date with required security patches and report this status to the Clean Access Server. No information about the user or the content of user files is sent to the server. Each user must use Clean Access Agent for his/her Microsoft Windows PC in order to authenticate and use the College network.

8 :: Users are complaining of delays when using a network. What would you do?

This issues due to think time and respond time.
if the delay time is more tester should ensure that on what basis and situation made for this delay. Identify the Peak time and the scenarios and resolve the issues through Performance Tuning.
Network Testing Interview Questions and Answers
8 Network Testing Interview Questions and Answers