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SMIL frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in SMIL. These interview questions and answers on SMIL will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the SMIL job interview

22 SMIL Questions and Answers:

1 :: How to add references in SMIL?

- A time namespace should be defined to use SMIL in HTML.

- The process is:
1. Add <?import> element in <HTML> tag definition to add time name space.

2. Define a ‘time’ class to add SMIL attributes to standard HTML elements.

3. This is done by <html xmlns:time="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:time">

4. To define the class "time" add a <style> element.

5. This is done by
<?import namespace="time" implementation="#default#time2">
<style>.time {behavior: url(#default#time2)}</style>

2 :: What is the use of SMIL?

SMIL is used for the following purposes:

- To create internet presentations.

- To represent presentations with multiple file types.

- Many files can displayed at the same time.

- Multiple web servers can display SMIL presentations

- SMIL contains action button to control the presentations.

- SMIL has functions to set the duration and the sequence of the presentation.

3 :: Give an example of SMIL file?

- SMIL files are written using a text editor.

- A compatible SMIL player is needed such as Ambulant Player.

- SMIL have <head>, <body> and <layout> tags.

- <layout> tag is used specify the size and background color of the presentation.

- Following code snippet is an example of SMIL:

<topLayout width="640px" height="480px" backgroundColor="#FFFFFF"
open="whenActive" close="whenNotActive"/>

4 :: What is SMIL?

- SMIL stands for Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language.

- SMIL is an XML-based language which allows to write interactive multimedia presentations.

- It is easy to describe the layout on spatial layout.

- It has features to set the timings of the presentation.

- The presentations can be synchronized with a specific time.

5 :: Explain about SMIL code writing in HTML?

- The HTML+SMIL profile allows to integrate a subset of SMIL specification with HTML.

- It has SMIL modules for supporting animation, objects, content control, and timing.

- SMIL features are directly integrated with HTML and CSS.

- SMIL can be used to manipulate HTML and CSS features.

- SMIL modules can be implemented using document definition and / or schema

6 :: How to add SMIL elements?

- Add a prefix and class attribute to the SMIL elements.

- This executes SMIL presentation in HTML.

- Following example perform the task:
<time:seq repeatCount="indefinite">
<img class="time" src="image1.jpg" dur="3s" />
<img class="time" src="image2.jpg" dur="3s" />

7 :: Do you know about XHTML + SMIL?

- The integration of XHTML and SMIL allows to write valid XHTML code.

- Timing, animation, transition can be added to the web pages.

- The layout functionality is provided by XHTML / CSS

- The linking module functionality is provided by XHTML

- The XHTML is the host language for providing structure module for SMIL.

- Meta information is also available with XHTML.

- The above modules are integrated by XHTML in SMIL.

8 :: What is use of clipBegin and clipEnd?

- Internal timing marks to playback begin and end is specified by clipBegin and clipEnd attributes of a clip.

- These attributes allows to play a part of a clip which has an internal timeline, like video/audio.

- Static or group clips will not be effected by clipBegin and clipEnd attributes.

- Following is an example :

<video src="myvideo.rm" clipBegin="10s" clipEnd="50s"/>

- In the above example, the clip starts playing at 10 second mark and ends when it reaches 50 seconds. The total play is for 40 seconds.

9 :: How to specify the duration?

- The dur attribute is used to specify the time span for the clip / image.

- Following example plays the clip for 40 seconds.
<video src="myvideo.rm" dur="40s"/>

- When the duration of the video is less than 40 seconds, the last frame of the video appears frozen on the screen, until the duration elapses.

- The duration can be specified by number of minutes also.

- Following example specifies the image to appear for 5 minutes onscreen.
<img src="myimage.gif" dur="5min"/>

10 :: What are the media elements in SMIL?

Following are the SMIL Media Elements:

- <animation> - Element for an animation

- <audio> - Element for an audio clip

- <brush> - Element for a brush

- <img> - Element for an image

- <param> - Element for a parameter

- <ref> - Element for a generic media reference

- <text> - Element for a text

- <textstream> - Element for a textstream

- <video> - Element for a video