3D Studio Max Interview Preparation Guide
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3D Studio Max job interview preparation guide. Number of 3D Studio Max frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many 3D Studio Max interviews

10 3D Studio Max Questions and Answers:

2 :: The "Create Bones" option is found by going under the Create Toolbar?

A. True
B. False

5 :: What must you do to generate your final image/animation?

A. You must press play
B. You must save it
C. You must click "Generate" in the create toolbar
D. You must "Render" the project
E. Both C and D

6 :: In which toolbar is the "Array" option found?

A. Modify toolbar
B. Create toolbar
C. Extras toolbar
D. Motion toolbar
E. None of the Above

7 :: The base of a DNA consists of which of the following shapes?

A. 1 Circle, 1 Sphere, 1 Rod
B. 2 Spheres, Tube
C. 2 Spheres, Cylinder
D. 7 Circles
E. 2 Spheres, Cone

8 :: What are the 4 main types of view?

A. Left, Right, Top, Bottom
B. Left, Top, Front, Perspective
C. Birds-eye, Left, Front, Back
D. Center, Under, Over, Right
E. Perspective, Right, Front, Over

9 :: How do you change the radius of a Sphere?

A. By right-clicking the sphere and select, "Modify"
B. Go under Parameters and type in the required radius
C. Go under Dimensions and type in the required radius
D. By right-clicking the sphere and select, "Change Radius"
E. By right-clicking the sphere and select, "Change Dimensions"

10 :: Once you make a shape, its important to check which of the following options?

A. Squash
B. Slice On
C. Base to Pivot
D. AutoGrid
E. Generate Mapping Coords