SAP DB Interview Preparation Guide
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SAP DB job test questions and answers guide. The one who provides the best answers with a perfect presentation is the one who wins the job hunting race. Learn SAP DB and get preparation for the new job

7 SAP DB Questions and Answers:

1 :: SAP DB interview questions part 1:

What are the main features of SAP DB?
What are the major differences between SAP DB and other database systems?
Why has SAPDB been released as Open Source?
Will applications using SAPDB have to be Open Source as well?
What are the Drawbacks of SAP DB?

2 :: SAP DB interview questions part 2:

Which SQL standard does SAPDB support?
a.) Datasets
b.) Internal table
c.) check table
d.) value table
e.) Transparent table
What are the interfaces supported by SAP DB?
What tools are used in SAP Implementation? How Alert Messages are created?
Situation: You need to move data or databases between servers. What steps will you take?

3 :: SAP DB interview questions part 3:

Differentiate between R3trans and Tp in SAP-DBA.
What is the use of tool Database Analyzer in SAP DB?
a.) Commit
b.) Roll back
Differentiate between “Insert”, “Update” and “Modify”.
a.) Catch Command.
b.) Logical Databases

4 :: SAP DB interview questions part 4:

What are the principles of relational model.
Diferrentiate between layers and routes.
Differentiate between SAP sid and host name.
Does writing more than one trigger affect Database or table performance.
Differentiate between open SQL and native SQL.

5 :: SAP DB interview questions part 5:

You need to debug a sapscript. How would you do that?
Explain: a.) ITS b.) DynPro
Explain spool buffer.
Situation: You raise a new spool request.The spool buffer was already full. What will happen to the request? where would the request get stored?
Explain data quality in SAP.

6 :: SAP DB interview questions part 6:

Differentiate between SAP memory and ABAP memory.
Explain RMAN. Can it be used for database recovery and backup? If ye, how?
DOes C-API exist to access SAP DB?
Differentiate between support packages and kernel upgrade.
Situation: I used "Update" command without Where clause. What would happen?

7 :: SAP DB interview questions part 7:

Situation: You need a create a table with fields without referring to data elements. Is it possible? If yes, how?
Explain “Group by” in Select statement
How would you install multiple Central Instances on the same physical machine?
What is the select statement to read data into internal tables?