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21 Oracle Applications Questions and Answers:

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New  Oracle Applications Job Interview Questions and Answers
New Oracle Applications Job Interview Questions and Answers

2 :: Differentiate between intra & inter UOM class conversion with examples?

In UOM Two Conversions One Is
Inter UOM
Intra UOM
The Conversion Rate will Be Changed To An item With in
Different UOM Class..
Eg:Gn oil Kg=0.961 Lt..
Intra :
The Conversion Rate Will Be Changed To The Different
Items With in the Same UOM Class.
Eg:1 Case Bottles=12 Each
1 Case Bottles=24 Each
Transaction Register
Material Distribution Detail Report
Material Distribution Summary Report

4 :: What is the difference between workday calendar and accounting calendar?

Workday calendar is simply use for transactional purposes.
For example in treasury in counting of money placements with
the define workday calendar you define working days is 5
days only excluding week ends, and this is the same AP
wherein you defined in aging of payables it will count due
date after you have set terms date, and so fourth in for AR.

While, the accounting calendar this is the financial period.
In defining it we will just simply refer to calendar 12
month and or 13 month including the adjustment period. This
is where the start and end of every financial periods and
cut off of reporting period in the financial statements.

5 :: How to define an expense type or asset type item?

Under Costing tab, if u unchecked "inventory asset value"
attribute it becomes expense item and if checked it becomes
asset type item.

6 :: How to change an items UOM?

We can change item's UOM in Item master responsibility..

if the Item Code is already transacted then we can't change the UOM .
if the item code is not transacted then we can chaenge the UOM.

7 :: What characters can i use in an item name(including special characters)?

Its all depends upon the item kff and the value sets.
Dont use special char like #,@,%,&
Some char like %,_,# have special meaning while perfoming query by form


Accounting Convention which is nothing but subledger
accounting. It is the additional feature introduced in R12

For Eg. If the company in India is primary company and it
has branch at US which we can treat as secondary or subsidary,

1) In us its functional currency is USD which differs with
Primary country functional currency,
2) In US Calander is from 01-jan to 31-dec and in Primary
company Calander is 01-APR TO 31-MAR

10 :: What is global tempory table?

Global temporary tables are temporary table for perticular session.
Global temporary tables are two types,
1.Transaction wise temporary table
2.Session wise temporary tables.
In transaction wise temporary tables we will use on commit delete rows keyword, which delete the data whenever we do commit.
In session wise temporary table we will use on commit preserve rows keyword, which preserve the data till the end of that session.

11 :: What is the difference between format trigger and action trigger?

format trigger : when we want hide or display the objects in
in layout model dynamically we can use format trigger

action trigger : when a button selectd procedure executed
new report open

format trigger we can write in item level

12 :: Explain what is the use of below profile options while configure multiorg?
1. HR: Security Profile
2. MO: Security Profile
3. GL Set of books name
4. MO: Operating Unit
5. HR: User type?

1-HR:Security Profile __because join between business Group
and Responsibility
2-MO:OPERATING UNIT TO deFine organization with GL & AP

14 :: What is Secondary Tracking Segments?

This segment will be paired with the balancing segment when
generating account balances for the Retained Earnings
account, Unrealized Gains or Losses accounts, and the
Cumulative Translation Adjustment account.

18 :: Suppose If the client is totally dependent on manual on Manual transactions then Is the auto-accounting rules Mandatory?

Yes, Auto Accounting determines the general ledger accounts
for transactions that are entered manually or import using

19 :: What are the pre-requisites for an AP Invoice line to move to FA module?

1. natutal account while creating Ap invoice should be
Asset clearing account
2. Enable track as asset in AP invoice line distributions
3. The Invoice should be validated, accounted and transfered
to GL.

Note- mass additions will work only if transfer to run
program is run and ap invoice is transfered to GL.

20 :: What is automatic offset in AP?

Automatic Offsets, Payables automatically balances invoice
and payment distributions that cross balancing segments by
creating offsetting entries for each balancing segment.

21 :: How can the new account combinations be defined when dynamic insert option is not enabled?

Create new code combination at General Ledger Super User -
Settup - Accounts - Combinations
Oracle Applications Interview Questions and Answers
21 Oracle Applications Interview Questions and Answers