Loan Inspector Interview Preparation Guide
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Loan Inspector Frequently Asked Questions in various Loan Inspector job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

37 Loan Inspector Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what is your ideal company to work for?

A niche mortgage company one that who's only operations are mortgage and even so, a company that has a focus on only certain types of loans to better serve clientele.

2 :: Tell us how confident are you in making crucial decisions?

I have worked in customer service for some time and have also handled more escalated situations. For the most part, I feel confident that I can make a decision to do what is right and appropriate regardless of the situation.

3 :: Tell us which loan origination system software are you most familiar with?

Unfortunate have not used any at this point but looking forward to gaining experience.

4 :: What are your career goals as Loan Inspector?

Get back into the mortgage industry through loan processing and then move up to loan originator and possibly broker.

5 :: Tell me why do you think you are the strongest candidate for the job? Explain what makes you different and/or more valuable than other Mortgage Loan Processors?

I am willing to sacrifice time when needed, am not the typical 8 to 5 with an hour of lunch, I do what is necessary to get the job done even if that includes extra effort on every aspect.

6 :: What experience do you have as Loan Inspector?

Speak about specifics that relate to the position you are applying for.
If you do not have specific experience, get as close as you can.

7 :: Explain what are the biggest challenges you face in processing?

I would love to help every borrower find the right loan, but I know that that is not always possible.

8 :: Tell us do you have experience using Desktop Originator?

I do not. However, I am in the process of learning more about mortgage loans and love to learn about the process in general. I also can learn most programs quickly.

9 :: Tell me during the loan process, if someone is not doing their job right, what do you do?

I will nicely and a professional way point out the mistake and the correct way to proceed to work as a team and meet pour company's goals.

10 :: Tell me why do you believe you are a good fit for our company culture?

Because not only I have the experience, but its a life/professional goal I set many years ago and also because I like it and I enjoyed doing this, of course there are times when you nned to take a mental break.