Insurance Cold Calling Interview Preparation Guide
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Insurance Cold Calling based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as Insurance Cold Calling. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

60 Insurance Cold Calling Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me are you comfortable making cold calls here?

Yes, I am aware that making cold calls is part of the job and I am comfortable with that.

2 :: Tell me what knowledge do you have in insurance?

Insurance is crucial to prepare yourself for when the unthinkable happens. Nothing is worse than getting into a car accident and then realizing you don't have full coverage. It's better to be prepared then to be stranded with no transportation and none of the financial support that you need.

3 :: Explain why do insurance companies spend so much on advertising?

Because when people decide to look into purchasing insurance or invest in a mutual fund they are most likely to look into the companies whose names first pop into their head and they have heard good things about. Advertising might be the most crucial part when it comes to selling insurance.

4 :: Tell us how do you think telemarketing can be made more effective?

To make telemarketing more efficient every call should be planned with an objective in mind. The opening statements made by the telecaller should be made interesting to grab interest. It is the contribution of each tele-caller that makes telemarketing successful and thus each tele-caller should be motivated enough to make a deal and be clear with his objective. The objection for tele callers in the sector are easy to crack and thus a response to each should be prepared in advance to cross the hurdle and make sale.

5 :: Tell me where would you research a prospect before you reach out?

Even if a candidate isn't well acquainted with your industry, they should still understand the power of social networks and search to familiarize themselves with the prospect's background. "What do you mean, research?" is probably an interview-ending answer.

6 :: Suppose If you had to teach a beginner an advanced concept, how would you approach the task?

After countless hours of product training, salespeople are intimately familiar with their wares. Prospects, on the other hand, have a comparatively cursory understanding of your product -- no matter how much independent research they've done. For this reason, it's important that SDRs are able to explain potentially tricky or confusing topics in clear and simple terms.

7 :: Explain me your life story in 90 seconds?

As Mark Twain once said, "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." Brevity is a talent, and it's one that prospects appreciate. This question reveals the candidate's ability to hit the critical points of a story in a short amount of time.

8 :: Explain the following terms?
► Cold Calling
► Spamming.
► Automatic dialer

1. Cold calling : Cold calling is the process in which customers are called for business interaction who have not been expecting so.

2. Spamming : Random bulk messages used for telemarketing purposes are called spam and the process is termed as spamming

3. Auto dialer : Telemarketing industries generally use an electronic device or a software to automatically dial phone numbers. These devices and softwares are called autodialers.

9 :: What is B2G?

B2G stands for business to government and is a derivative of B2B and is described as transaction between business and government in which a business entity supplies services or goods to a government sector or firm and can be stated as public sector marketing.