Insurance Auditor Interview Preparation Guide
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Insurance Auditor Frequently Asked Questions in various Insurance Auditor job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

60 Insurance Auditor Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell us are you comfortable traveling to meet clients?

I am certainly comfortable traveling in order to acquire information to process a claim. However, if need be, then I also feel perfectly comfortable talking to people over the phone to gather more material.

2 :: Please explain what is your role within the month-end close process?

Being able to articulate your functionality and responsibility and specifics related to how you go about the end-of-the-month close at your current or most recent firm is a very important piece,”. “That said, be able to sum up every bullet point on your resume, mentioning highlights and focusing on accomplishments.

3 :: Tell me how do you minimize the risk for errors in your work?

As an accountant, you are held to a high standard and the margin for error is tiny. Small mistakes can lead to large financial issues.

“Respond to this question by describing any times you’ve caught errors before submitting work,. Emphasize the importance of checking your work and establishing checks and balances within a team.”

4 :: Explain why is there a gap in your employment record?

If your gap is the result of a layoff, reorganization or toxic situation, never speak disparagingly about a boss, colleague or company for which you worked. Just be straightforward about the situation.

5 :: Tell us what is required to perform an internal audit?

To perform an internal audit all of the financial records shall be given by the treasurer for the audit, including the check-book register, bank statement, deposit slip, cancelled checks, treasurer’s reports, expense vouchers or warrants with bill receipts, the annual treasurer’s report etc.

6 :: Tell us what you should do after the internal audit?

After the internal audit,

☛ Hold an auditors meeting with auditees involved with the audit, discuss the non-conformances and what part is missed
☛ Issue the audit report in a timely manner
☛ Encourage auditees to take corrective actions again flaws
☛ Help and guide those responsible for completing the corrective actions with setting reasonable deadlines
☛ Take the feed-back of the auditees and how your audit team were perceived

7 :: What are your weaknesses as Insurance Auditor?

The first thing to know when answering this question is that your interviewer is hoping to understand how you operate in the internal audit function and how your personality may affect your work. Be honest in your response, mention a real weakness, but frame it as something you were made aware of, subsequently worked on and have overcome and thus improved. This shows your interviewer that you are self-aware, open to constructive criticism and flexible in terms of your own development.

8 :: Do you know what Is Internal Audit?

The internal audit is conducted to help the management. The weakness of the management is disclosed. The external audit is conducted to help the shareholder. The rights of owners are protected. The appointment of internal audit is made by the management. The appointment in external audit is made by the shareholders. Internal audit is the part of internal control.

9 :: Tell me who Audit An Auditing Firm?

One auditing firm can audit other auditing firm.

10 :: Tell us what Are The Reasons For Getting Audited?

It is requested by Audit committee or the Company's; shareholders. The main objective of modern Audit is to help the MGMT to achieve its various objectives by bringing a systematic approaches and evaluating the risks.