Data Entry Specialist Interview Preparation Guide
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Data Entry Specialist Frequently Asked Questions in various Data Entry Specialist job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

46 Data Entry Specialist Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain me have you researched our company? What are our core values?

Yes, I researched extensively on your website. I am well aware of your mission and goals, i.e., Care, Service, Efficiency, and Quality.

2 :: Tell us have you worked in a healthcare environment before?

Yes, at Healix I worked as a laboratory assistant and data entry clerk.

3 :: Tell us how would you deal with sensitive information?

I have a valid track record of maintaining the confidentiality of all kinds of information. I can provide references to vouch for my integrity in this regard.

4 :: Please explain what is your biggest weakness that’s really a weakness, and not a secret strength?

I am extremely impatient. I expect my employees to prove themselves on the very first assignment. If they fail, my tendency is to stop delegating to them and start doing everything myself.

To compensate for my own weakness, however, I have started to really prep my people on exactly what will be expected of them.

5 :: Tell us suppose if you were running a company that produces X and the market was tanking for that product, what would you do?

I would search for new markets for the product while I spurred the engineers to change the product to make it more marketable to its original core audience.

6 :: Can you tell us why did you take so much time off from work, and why do you wish to get a job now?

When I first had the twins, my husband was working 24/7, and I really needed to be there to raise the kids. But during that time, I really missed working.

Fortunately, I kept my hand in the business during those years by consulting for several of my ex-clients.

7 :: Tell us would you rather get permission from your boss before undertaking a brand-new project, or be given enough rope to “hang yourself”?

During my first week on the job, I would ask my boss how she would prefer me to handle projects. If she indicated that she wanted a take-charge person under her, I would take the ropes. If she told me she wanted me to run ideas by her first, I would comply. I think the real challenge is being able to adapt to your work environment, and I’m flexible.

8 :: Please explain me your dream job?

This is my dream job and that’s why I approached you about it in the first place. I am excited about the prospect of helping your promotion agency upgrade and fine tune your loyalty programs.

9 :: Tell us why do you want to work with us as Data Entry Specialist?

I am much impressed by your mission and reputation of delivering the best health care services in the town. I want to make the most of my data entry and clerical skills to contribute to your bottom line.

10 :: Tell us do you have experience in inventory management?

I have managed the sample inventory of the Helix laboratory and the office and medical supplies inventory for the hospital.