Contract Labour Interview Preparation Guide
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Contract Labour based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as Contract Labour. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

43 Contract Labour Questions and Answers:

1 :: Describe a short term goal you have set for yourself and how you intend on achieving this goal?

A short term goal generally falls within a one to two year delivery period. The goals that you describe should be career focussed, based on areas where you would like to improve on a skill or achieve a qualification that will boost your career growth. When answering to how you intend on achieving these goals to the employer, never leave a door closed. Opportunity and drive is your number one objective in order to achieve any goal and this is why your explanation needs to be realistic and attainable within this short period. By displaying your enthusiasm and desire to succeed, this will indicate to the employer that you are a motivated and inspired employee.

2 :: Why should we hire you as Contract Labour?

I am physically fit and possess a high energy to perform manual work efficiently

3 :: Tell us what are your salary expectations?

I am willing to get my salary as per company's policy

4 :: Tell us how do you deal with conflict or criticism?

Always answer this frequently asked question with a positive approach. Explain where you may have experienced conflict in the workplace in the past and how you dealt with it. Explain in a positive light, how you managed this conflict and what you learnt from the experience. The job interviewer is looking to identify areas where you may experience a problem when working with difficult personalities and how well you handle negative situations and reverse them into positive ones. Never say never and always be open to the idea that you are willing and able to learn from each working experience - whether positive or negative.

5 :: Please tell me about yourself?

Although your first instinct might be to start by describing your interests and hobbies, remember where you are. You are in a job interview with the sole purpose of being hired. The information that you should detail when asked this question is to begin by describing yourself in a work situation. Prepare a summary of your work experience as well as your career achievements. Briefly detail your education accomplishments as well as any other accomplishment or transferrable skills that are relevant to the job vacancy. Only once you have discussed information that is specific to the available position, should you then give a short explanation about your interests and character traits.

6 :: Tell us where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Eventually, I would like to work in a supervisory role, where I can handle a team of labourers to work on job sites.

7 :: Tell me what is the most recent skill that you have learned?

I had worked with almost everything except building scaffolding which I had the opportunity to learn three months ago for a construction project.

8 :: Tell me about what are your strengths and weaknesses?

Although this question may seem as though you should answer with a positive answer for your strengths and a negative for your weaknesses, try to give two positive answers. When discussing your strengths highlight roughly three positive attributes or strengths that specifically apply to the available post based on what you consider to be the recruiter's specific requirements. When indicating your weaknesses, never detail a character defect or poor performance areas that have no opportunity to be improved on. Rather, try to explain where you identified a problem area where you were able to remedy this and explain how you did so.

9 :: Tell me what do you know about our company and why do you want to work here?

You will need to prepare for this typical job interview question far in advance in order to ensure that you are comfortable discussing the employers company. Don't be a know it all, you are talking with someone who may have been part of the company for several years and will know greater detail that you will. Never argue about details and be open to correction should you have interpreted research information incorrectly. When answering the reason for you wanting to join their establishment specify what interests you about the industry or company and how you feel you could contribute to its longevity. Express admiration and respect for the company and include an explanation as to what value you feel you will be able to bring to the company that other candidates may not be able to. Try to get a good understanding of the company's objective as well as their vision and mission and how you plan on sustaining this or improving on it, based on your relevant skills and attributes.

10 :: Tell me what have you done in the past or doing now that will ensure that you reach your 5 year goal?

I have been actively learning the ropes over the years, especially where training on equipment is concerned. Additionally, I am quite an insightful person and have been mentally recording the way teams are trained, nurtured and led in this field. I have also taken up an extensive course in construction which is sure to aid me with my future objectives.