Common CTC Interview Preparation Guide
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CTC frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in CTC. So get preparation for the CTC job interview

3 CTC Questions and Answers:

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Common  CTC Job Interview Questions and Answers
Common CTC Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: How to use CTC debug command?

hold ctrl+shift while clicks "help -> about CTC" above the CTC window resulting the debug window occurs.

2 :: Explain What is CTC abbreviation?

Cost To Company
Common Toxicity Criteria
Coast To Coast
Community and Technical
Community Technology Centers
Cyclists Touring Club
Competition Transition Charge
Community Technology Center
City Technology College
Channel To Channel
Combat Training Center
Centralized Traffic Control
Certified Travel Counselor
Center To Center
Certified Travel Consultant
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Care To Chat?
Corporate Tax Credit
Competitive Transition Charge
Concord Telephone Company
Canada Tibet Committee
Community Transportation Coordinator

3 :: Can you explain what is Debugging?

Debugging is a process of locating and fixing or
bypassing "bugs" in computer program code.
CTC Interview Questions and Answers
3 CTC Interview Questions and Answers