Debugging Interview Preparation Guide
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Debugging frequently Asked Questions in various Debugging job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Debugging job interview

7 Debugging Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain What is high debugging?

it is helped to recure the bugs. a program has problem that
time this debugging is helped to solve the bugs is easily,
this is the method of the recure bugs in the programming

2 :: How to set a read or write watchpoint for a variable?

By using rwatch,awatch command in GDB we can set read or
write watchpoint for a variable.

3 :: Explain What is BDM, and what is its use?

Background Debug Mode (BDM) interface is an electronic
interface that allows debugging of embedded systems.
Specifically, it provides in-circuit debugging
functionality in microcontrollers. It requires a single wire
and specialized electronics in the system being debugged. It
appears in many Freescale Semiconductor products.

5 :: What bug tracking tools you have used? Have you used any free tools?

Bugzilla JIRA footprint. Bugzilla is free. BugTrack is

6 :: What is CTC abbreviation?

Current Total Compensation


CTC stands for COST TO COMPANY.CTC is the Salary which is
the gross pre-tax salary inclusive of all components
(monthly, annual, retiral and deferred payments).


company technical cod

7 :: How to debug EJB in JBoss (WebLogic or other J2EE application server) using IDE?

1) Start the container JVM with remote debugging enabled
2) Attache the IDE debugger to the container JVM using the
info you configured in step #1 (host/port or shared memory
context name)
3) Set a breakpoints in the implementation of the EJB of
4) Exercise the application to get control to pass the
breakpoint location
5) You're home!