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Some of the interview questions asked by the HR team of Wipro are as follows: -


1) Give the difference between C and ANSI C?
2) Why should programmers use object oriented programming?
3) Give difference between compile time error and run time error?
4) Why Java is used extensively in today`s applications what makes it different from other languages?
5) Describe about applet lifecycle?
6) For what purposes programmers use Encapsulation? State some uses of it?
7) How do you design the project layout or the outline or structure of a program?
8) Explain some of the concepts of Java design patterns?
9) Why should a programmer use C instead of C++?
10) State some uses of RDBMS?
11) Mention the different stages of software design?
12) What are the different protocols present while transferring data from one web browser to another browser?

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Many of the candidates appearing for WIPRO fail to pass through the Technical interview due to lack of basics.When you are attending to a multinational company like Wipro