Co Workers Question:
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Share if you have experienced a loss for doing what is right?


Determine how the candidate defines "what is right."
Determine how the candidate defines "a loss." Is there a loss in terms of fundamentalism, social institutions, moral agency or virtuous organizations as a whole?
☛ Fundamentalism: Financial and legal responsibility only "Business of business is profit."
☛ Social Institutions: Social contract exists beyond economics and legalities. Need to accommodate stakeholders' interests.
☛ Moral Agency: Moral obligations similar to people. Morality and ethics are part of culture: The 'right thing to do.'
☛ Virtuous Organizations: Organizations that foster the good society. Obligation to build a better world.

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Suppose if you knew that your supervisor was doing something unethical, what would you do?Tell me what would you do if someone in management asked you to do something unethical?