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PHP MSSQL - How To Query Multiple Tables Jointly?


If you want to query information stored in multiple tables, you can use the SELECT statement with a WHERE condition to make an inner join. Assuming that you have 3 tables in a forum system: "users" for user profile, "forums" for forums information, and "posts" for postings, you can query all postings from a single user with a script as shown below:

$con = mssql_connect('ggl_SQL_SERVER','sa','GlobalGuideLine');

$userID = 101;
$sql = "SELECT posts.subject, posts.time,,"
. " forums.title"
. " FROM posts, users, forums"
. " WHERE posts.userID = ".$userID
. " AND posts.userID ="
. " AND posts.forumID =";
$res = mssql_query($sql, $con);
while ($row = mssql_fetch_array($res)) {
print($row['subject'].", ".$row['time'].", "
.$row['name'].", ".$row['title']." ");


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