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PHP MSSQL - How To Create a New Table?


If you want to create a table in the SQL Server database, you can run the CREATE TABLE SQL statement using the mssql_query() function, as shown in the following sample script:

$con = mssql_connect('LOCALHOST','sa','GlobalGuideLine');
mssql_select_db('GlobalGuideLineDatabase', $con);

# creating a new table
$sql = "CREATE TABLE ggl_links ("
. " id INT NOT NULL"
. ", url VARCHAR(80) NOT NULL"
. ", notes VARCHAR(1024)"
. ", counts INT"
. ", time DATETIME"
. ")";
$res = mssql_query($sql,$con);
if (!$res) {
print("Table creation failed with error: ");
print(" ".mssql_get_last_message()." ");
} else {
print("Table ggl_links created. ");


If you run this script for the first time and there is no existing table called ggl_links in the database, you will get:

Table ggl_links created.

If you run it again, you will get:

Table creation failed with error:
There is already an object named 'ggl_links' in the

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